B.A. Degree

Students majoring in religion learn to read texts (both ancient and modern) carefully; study the oral traditions, stories, rituals, and structures of religious communities; explore the beliefs and values of different religious traditions; and develop a critical perspective to the diverse cultural expressions of both Christian and non-Christian religions.  Many graduates work in churches or continue their education in seminary.  A religion major or minor also serves as excellent preparation for other graduate programs or careers because of the emphasis in reading, writing, analyzing, and speaking.  The major offers two programs of study: a religion major with an emphasis in Christian Ministry that does not require a minor and a religion major with a minor required.

The Experiential Component (requirement of the major) can be met by successfully completing one of the following:

   REL 399
   REL 481, 482

    Degree Specific Requirements:

       6 hours of a foreign language

    Required Major Courses:  Select 18 hours from the following areas:

    Biblical (Choose 6 hours from the following):

       REL 111 Literature of the Bible 3
       REL 112 Literature of the Old Testament 3
       REL 113 Literature of the New Testament 3
       REL 311 Prophetic Literature of the Old Testament 3
       REL 312 Wisdom Literature of the Old Testament 3
       REL 315 Studies in the Gospels
       REL 316 Life and Letters of Paul 3

      Historical (Choose 3 hours from the following):

         REL 222 History of Christian Thought 3
         HIS 321 Religion in American History 3
         REL 401 Biblical Archaeology 3
         PHI 221 Survey of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy 3
         PHI 222 Survey of Modern Philosophy 3

        Theological (Choose 3 hours from the following):

           REL 206 The Search for Values 3
           REL 216 Religion in Film 3
           REL 245 Religion and Public Life 3
           REL 331 Christian Theology 3
           HON 225 Religion and Science: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives 3
           PHI 211 Ethics 3
           PHI 431 Philosophy of Religion 3

          Comparative (3 hours)

             REL 151 World Religions 3
             REL 207 Selected Topics (when topics include non-Christian religions: e.g., Islam or Hinduism and Buddhism courses have been offered in recent years.)

            Seminar (3 hours)

               REL 481, 482 Seminar in Religious Studies 3

            Total Required Major Common Courses     18

            I. Religion Major (minor required)

            Additional REL courses (18 hours)
            The religion major may include up to three philosophy courses with the approval of the program coordinator.

            Total Hours Required in Major    36
            (minor required)

            II. Religion Major with Christian Ministries Emphasis:

            (Must include Required Courses and Degree Specific Requirements, in addition to the following)

               REL 230 Foundations of Christian Education 3
               REL 397, 398 or 399 Ministry Practicum 3

              Additional REL courses (15 hours)
              May include up to three philosophy courses with the approval of the program coordinator.

              18 hours from the following: (at least 9 hours must be at the 300-400 level)

                 ACC 201 Principles of Accounting I   
                 ACC 202 Principles of Accounting II   
                 ART 324 Art for Children   
                 BUS 303 Principles of Management   
                 COM 201 Public Speaking   
                 THA 201 Play Production   
                 THA 222 Voice and Diction   
                 THA 336 Creative Dramatics in School, Church, and Community   
                 ENG 301 Literature for Children and Adolescents   
                 ENG 311 News Writing and Editing   
                 ENG 338 Rhetoric   
                 HUM 250 Computer Applications for the Humanities   
                 MUS 131 (vocal groups) or MUS 141 (instrumental groups)   
                 MUS 426 Music for Children   
                 HHP 145 Rhythmics, Movement, and Games   
                 PSY 211 Human Growth and Development – Child and Adolescent   
                 PSY 212 Human Growth and Development – Adulthood   
                 PSY 340 Personality   
                 PSY 348 Techniques of Counseling   
                 REC 260 Foundations of Recreation and Leisure   
                 REC 320 Programming for Outdoor Recreation   
                 REC 321 Outdoor Recreation Concepts and Programs   
                 REC 340 Leadership and Group Social Behavior   
                 REC 380 Financial Planning and Budgeting   
                 SOC 202 Social Problems
                 SOC 205 Marriage and the Family   

                Total Hours Required in Major (Christian Ministries Emphasis)    57