Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts

B.S. or B.A. Degree

The interrelatedness of all knowledge lies at the heart of a liberal arts education.  Much of the excitement of learning stems from the discovery of truth in interactive disciplines.  The Liberal Arts major affords students the opportunity to put together a broad program of study that stimulates and satisfies intellectual growth yet affords adequate concentration in two academic areas to acquire in-depth knowledge.  The Liberal Arts major consists of at least 36 credit hours earned in two of the following areas of emphasis, with no fewer than 18 hours in each emphasis.  (You may select only one minor from each emphasis group below.):

  • - Agriculture or Biology or Chemistry or Environmental Science
  • - Psychology or History or Political Science
  • - English or Foreign Language (Russian or Spanish)
  • - Theatre Arts and Visual Arts
  • - Mathematics
  • - Philosophy or Religious Studies

Students not earning a minor in Teacher Education or Educational Studies:
The Experiential Component requirements are listed in the Catalog for each major.  For this major, the Experiential Component must be chosen from those listed in the major that parallels one of the student’s Liberal Arts Concentration areas.

For students with a Teacher Education minor:

The Experiential Component (requirement of the major) can be met by successfully completing the following:

  • EDU 402 The Profession of Teaching: Student Teaching and EDU 403 - The Profession of Teaching: Student Teaching Synthesis

At least 50 percent of the courses in each concentration of the Liberal Arts major must be upper-level (i.e., 300 and above).  A 2.000 grade point average is required in each emphasis area for graduation.

Liberal Arts Major for Elementary Education Minor (39 hours) (BS major)

The Liberal Arts major with the Teacher Education minor (Elementary pre-K-6 endorsement) shall be as follows.  To be in compliance with Teacher Education standards, the student must maintain an overall 2.500 G.P.A., a 2.800 G.P.A. for courses listed in the Liberal Arts major, and a 3.000 G.P.A. in the Teacher Education minor.

Required Liberal Arts Core Courses (must be a "C" or higher)

   MTH 105** 3
   BIO 101 General Biology I 4
   PSY 201 General Psychology 3
   PSY 211 Human Growth and Development - Child and Adolescent 3
   PSY 291 Practicum and Child Development Lab 1
   MTH 320 Topics in Liberal Arts Mathematics 3

    **Students who choose a higher mathematics course may petition the Teacher Education Committee to consider those courses as meeting the mathematics Liberal Arts Core requirement for this major.

    Must complete each of the following with a 2.800 G.P.A.:

    English (9 hours)

       ENG 301 Children’s Literature 3
       ENG 336 Linguistics 3
       ENG 338 Rhetoric

    Social Studies (12 hours)

       HIS 201 and HIS 202 American History* 6
       SST 250 Elementary Social Studies 3
       HIS 316 Virginia History 3

    Science (10 hours)

       SCI 250 Physical Science 4
       SCI 126 Natural Resources 2
       GEO 220 Introduction to Physical Geography 4

    9 hours from the following: (at least one from each group and at least 6 hours at 300-400 level)

    Behavioral Science

      PSY 314 Learning, PSY 331 Cognitive Development or PSY 332 Cognitive Psychology
       PSY 340 Personality 3
       PSY 230 Social Psychology 3
       PSY 325 Child Psychopathology or PSY 320 Abnormal Behavior 3
       SOC 203 Cultural Diversity 3

    Creative Arts

       ART 324 Art for Children (prerequisite required)
       MUS 426 Music for Children 3
       THA 222 Voice and Diction 3
       THA 336 Creative Drama in School, Church, or Community 3
       COM 201 Public Speaking 3
       ENG 318 Creative Writing 3
    Total Hours Required in Major    40

    Teacher Education students must complete the minor course work with a 3.000 G.P.A.

       EDU 202 Issues in Education 3
       SPD 220 Survey of Exceptional and Special Education 3
       EDU 302 Foundations of Education 3
       EDU 310 Developmental and Diagnostic Reading 3
       EDU 311 Language Arts 3
       EDU 354 Elementary Strategies 6
       EDU 402 Student Teaching Field Experience
       EDU 403 Student Teaching Synthesis