Expenses and Financial Assistance

Expenses and Financial Assistance

College expenses and the availability of financial aid are considerations of immense importance to both students and their parents.  Ferrum endeavors to ensure that qualified and deserving applicants are given adequate financial assistance, enabling them to meet their educational goals.  The college has an extensive program of financial aid, including loans, scholarships, grants, and a highly successful work-study program.

Charges for students entering in the 2012-2013 academic year are listed below.

Expenses (2012-2013)

First Semester

New students are required to make a $250 confirmation deposit within thirty (30) days of acceptance (refundable until May 1).

Returning students must indicate their intention of enrolling for the next academic year by remitting a confirmation deposit of $250 prior to March 15 (refundable until May 1).

Second Semester

New students are required to make a $250 confirmation deposit within thirty (30) days of acceptance (non-refundable).

Note: Financial aid will not cover confirmation deposits.


FULL-TIME TUITION (12-19 credit hours)

Per Semester

Resident Student

Day Student

Tuition/Fees $13,655 $13,655
Room/Board* (Average Rate) $4,565  
Payment Due* $18,220 $13,655
Total Per Year* $36,440 $27,310

Students are billed prior to the beginning of each semester.
Payment in full for the first semester is due by August 1, 2012.
 Payment in full for the second semester is due by December 15, 2012.

*Room and Board fees range from $8,890 - $10,420 per academic year.  Payment due and total for year is dependent on the housing option selected.

Part-Time Tuition/Fees

One to six hours: $545 per credit hour
Seven to eleven hours: $760 per credit hour

Special Instructional Fees (In addition to tuition*)

Field Placement Fees – Education Courses


   300-level (6 credit hours or less)


   300-level (more than 6 credit hours)


   Student Teaching Fee


Course Overload (per credit hour over 19 hours)


Art/Music/Theatre Arts Fees (depending on the course)


Science Lab Fees (depending on the course)

$12.50 - $25.00*

Private Music/Dance Lessons


  One credit hour


  Two-three credit hours


No one may take more than 3 credits of private lessons per semester.

Independent Study (per credit hour, in addition to tuition)


Audit Fee (per credit hour)


Internship (if not enrolled in other classes)

$180 per credit hour ($905 minimum)

Miscellaneous Fees

Credit by Examination Fee


Car Registration (for Day Students only)


Replacement of ID Cards


Pre-Registration and Assessment Weekend in the Summer (PAWS) for Student and 2 Family Members ($20 for each additional Guests)


Transcripts – academic


Graduation Fee


Student Activities Fee


Late Check-In fee


Health Education Fee (if applicable)


The college reserves the right to make necessary adjustments in the fees at any time. Textbooks and student supplies are sold through the College Bookstore.  The annual estimated cost for these items is $800.

Payment Options

Ferrum College has partnered with Tuition Management Systems to offer a monthly payment plan.  Whether you can pay in full or need help, we highly recommend you consider paying your education expenses monthly by using the Interest-Free Monthly Payment Option offered by Tuition Management Systems.  The payment plan is available for a small enrollment fee and includes personal account service and counseling and 24-hour access to your account through their website www.afford.com or by calling 1-800-343-0911.

Partial or full payments may be made at any time through Tuition Management Systems.  Convenient payment options include ACH, Check, Phone Pay, Credit Card, Wire, and E-Payment.  A minimum fee will be charged for this service. The Tuition Management Systems payment plan may not be available for those students that have defaulted on plans for the past two semesters.

Overload Fee

No student may take more than 19 hours of credit per semester without the approval of the Provost of the College.  If such approval is granted, the student will be charged $545 per semester hour for all course work in excess of 19 hours.

Financial Policies

All returning students must indicate their intention of enrolling for the next academic year by remitting a confirmation deposit of $250 prior to March 15.

Payment of Tuition, General Fees, Room and Board

Students are billed prior to the beginning of each semester for tuition, general fees, and room and board.  Student accounts, after adjustments for Financial Aid, are required to be paid in full prior to the student attending classes, or participating in other college activities.  (Exceptions: See the Monthly Payment Plan on the previous page.)  For payments other than cash or credit cards, Ferrum College reserves the right to withhold services including, but not limited to, transcripts, grades and diplomas until method of payment has successfully been processed through all financial institutions.  Any unpaid balances after September 1 may be subject to a finance charge.

All inquiries concerning financial aid and student loans should be made to the Financial Aid Office in advance.  Prompt return of accurate and complete information will prevent delays in financial aid processing.

In order to avoid a delay in receiving academic information, all costs and charges must be paid in full prior to the student leaving college due to graduation, transfer, or any other reason.  Any student who has an account balance will not receive a transcript, certificate, diploma, or any other academic information. Furthermore, should formal collection become necessary to collect past due accounts, an additional 50% of the unpaid balance will be assessed by the collection agency for expenses incurred in the collection process.

Institutional Withdrawal Policy (Also applies to moving off campus during the semester)

SCALE 1: Students who withdraw will be charged for tuition, room and board, based on the following:

During the first week of the semester


During the second week of the semester


During the third week of the semester


During the fourth week of the semester


SCALE 2: In situations involving suspension or expulsion of a student, charges for tuition, room and board will be based on the following:

During the first week of the semester


During the second week of the semester


During the third week of the semester


During the fourth week of the semester


The above scale does not apply to fees.  Fees are charged at 100%. 

After four weeks of any semester, no adjustments to any charges will be given. 

Title IV aid recipients will have their financial aid pro-rated if they withdraw within the first 60% of the semester. 

The College's complete refund policy is published on the Ferrum College website under Financial Aid.


Ferrum College Grant Funds Policy

Ferrum College funds (Merit Grants, FC Grants, FC Scholarship, Endowments, etc) will be prorated based on SCALE 1 as listed above.  (i.e. Students will receive 20% of total Ferrum College Grant funds if they are charged 20% and withdraw in the first week).

Students who are expelled/suspended will receive institutional funds based on SCALE 2.  (i.e. If a student is suspended in the first week, the student will be charged 40% and only receive 20% of their institutional funds.)


Return of Title IV Funds Policy (Federal Withdrawal Policy)

When a student withdraws from coursework before 60% of the semester is completed (regardless of the reason for the withdrawal), a Title IV refund is required by federal laws.  Title IV refund refers to all Title IV Federal funds such as Pell Grants, SEOG Grants, Iraq/Afghanistan Service Grant, TEACH Grants, Perkins Loans, Stafford Loans (Subsidized and Unsubsidized), and PLUS Loans.

For example, if a student withdraws on day 30 of a semester that is 100 days in length (Week 4), they essentially would be eligible for 30% of any Title IV aid received.  (30/100=30%). This percentage is the amount of Title IV aid “earned” by the student.

Assume that the student received an award of $2775 Pell Grant, $350 SEOG, $7000 Ferrum Grant, $750 Perkins, and $1742 in Subsidized Stafford Loan for a total of $12,617 (both Federal and Institutional funds) for the semester.

Total Federal Funds


multiplied by percentage earned


Federal Funds Earned to Date


Essentially the institution would be required to refund $3931.90 of the students Title IV federal aid since this portion is considered “unearned” by the student.  The student would then be responsible for payment of these funds and any other outstanding balance to Ferrum College after the adjustments have been made.

Only aid that is final and disbursed is eligible to be included in the total Title IV and Ferrum Grant aid figure. (i.e. if a student fails to sign a promissory note and their Stafford Loan has not yet been disbursed, the student may no longer be eligible for those funds).

Additional Information

A student who earns a grade of “F” or “I” in all classes at the end of the semester is also subject to the Return of Title IV policy.  Professors will be e-mailed to verify the last date of attendance in class and the withdrawal calculation will be completed based on the professor’s certification of the last day the student attended the course.

Note:  If a student withdraws before census date (4th Friday of class or end of drop/add period) they will lose eligibility for state aid such as the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant (VTAG), College Scholarship Assistance program (CSAP), and Higher Education Teacher Assistance Program (HETAP).

Financial Assistance

Ferrum makes every effort to provide financial aid consistent with individual and family ability to meet college expenses.  A comprehensive assistance program, including campus jobs, scholarships, grants, and loans, is available.  The majority of Ferrum’s financial aid programs are awarded to students based on financial need (in combination with other factors such as academic achievement) as determined by the results of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Award programs which are not based on need include the Virginia Tuition Assistant Grant, Ferrum College Merit Grants and Scholarships, and alternative educational loans available through lending institutions.

Financial Aid Application Procedure

  1. New students will automatically receive aid information from the Ferrum College Admissions Office; returning students should use PIN numbers received in the previous academic year.
  2. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be completed after January 1 of each year.  Priority deadline for receipt of the FAFSA results is March 1 for new students and April 1 for returning students.  (Please allow 4 weeks for processing by the servicer.)  Students whose forms are received after the priority deadline will still be considered for financial aid.  However, self-help (loans or work) may constitute a larger portion of the aid “package” and/or the student may receive less total aid.
  3. If a student is chosen for verification of income information, appropriate documentation must be provided to Ferrum’s Financial Aid Office before financial aid is disbursed or made final.
  4. The Financial Aid staff will develop a financial aid package which may be composed of gift aid (grants, scholarships) and/or self-help aid (work-study, loans).  The student is notified of his or her financial assistance in a letter or through the institutions online web portal.
  5. New aid applications must be completed for each academic year.  In order to receive financial assistance, students must be enrolled at Ferrum College and must be making satisfactory academic progress (see Academic Policies section).
  6. There may be some instances when a student’s financial aid award must be adjusted.  New students will receive a revised award letter.  Returning students will be notified electronically through email.
  7. Financial aid is usually disbursed in 50% increments, i.e. 50% in the fall term and 50% in the spring term.

Financial General Policies

There will be no refund of tuition, fees, charges, or any other payments made to Ferrum College in the event that the operation of the College is suspended at any time as a result of any act of God, strike, riot, disruption, or for any other reason beyond the control of the College.


The following programs are sources of gift assistance.  They do not require repayment. Students must maintain satisfactory Academic Progress as designated in the College Catalog to be eligible for any Title IV Federal Grant Programs.

Tuition Assistance Grant (TAG)

Virginia residents who plan to attend Ferrum College will be eligible for a grant from the Commonwealth of Virginia which is not based on financial need.  The program was established to assist Virginia’s private colleges in reducing the tuition gap between private and public in-state colleges.  Grant funding is determined by the General Assembly and amounts reflected on the student and award letter are estimated and not guaranteed.  For the academic year 2012-2013, the estimated grant amount is $2,800.  Applications are available from the college in the spring of each year.  The completed application must be returned to the Financial Aid Office by July 31.  Late TAG applications may be submitted, but awards for late applicants are contingent on available funds remaining after the July 31 applicants are funded.  Students may receive TAG funds for a maximum of eight semesters (undergraduate).

College Scholarship Assistance Program (CSAP/LEAP)

The CSAP/LEAP is a need-based program which is funded by the Commonwealth of Virginia and the federal government.  Residents who complete the FAFSA and a TAG application and have financial need are automatically considered for an award from this program.

Federal Pell Grant

Pell is a federal aid program which provides grants to high need students.  Students apply by submitting the FAFSA.  The maximum Pell Grant award for 2012-2013 is $5,550.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

The FSEOG was also established under the federal aid programs.  By completing the FAFSA each student with exceptional financial need is automatically considered for an award.  Priority is given to Federal Pell Grant recipients.

Endowed Scholarships

Numerous endowed scholarships are available to students who demonstrate financial need.  A complete listing of these scholarships appears at the end of this section. Endowed scholarships may be used to replace the Ferrum Grant during the academic year.  There are no additional applications for endowed scholarships.

Praise and Worship Team Scholarships

This scholarship is offered to eight students per year who are interested in singing and/or playing contemporary Christian music. The recipients of this scholarship will receive a $1,600 award in exchange for their participation in weekly chapel services, required rehearsals, and other public relations obligations.  An in-person or videotaped audition is required and can be arranged through the Dean of the Chapel’s office.  This scholarship is renewable annually if the recipient maintains a 2.5 G.P.A. and fulfills all other requirements of the scholarship.

Academic Scholarships

The college offers academic scholarships based upon scholastic achievement for entering students.  Only full-time students are eligible for academic scholarships.  Students who are eligible for more than one scholarship or tuition scholarship, such as Tuition Exchange or staff benefit scholarships receive only the higher award.

Ferrum College Scholarships and Merit Grants

Entering freshmen and transfers seeking their first bachelor’s degree are eligible for Ferrum College Scholarships or Merit Grants ranging of $2,500 to $20,000.  To be eligible, students must complete an admissions application and be accepted for admission.  Students must have a GPA of 2.0 or higher (on a 4.0 scale) and a minimum combined SAT score of at least 1080 on the three-part test.  Amounts will vary, depending upon the above criteria, as well as resident/commuter status and transfer credits.  Awards are renewable assuming students maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Work Programs

All students who complete the FAFSA and are eligible for need-based aid are considered for a work-study position.  Approximately 825 students participate in the work-study program each year, working approximately 6-15 hours per week in areas as diverse as faculty and administrative offices, the library, science labs, and maintenance shops.  Funds are provided by the Federal Work Study Program (FWS) and various college programs.  Federal Work Study funds are paid directly to the student for hours completed.  Students must maintain satisfactory Academic Standards in order to be eligible for any Title IV Federal Work Study funds.

Loan Programs

Loan funds borrowed from the following programs are to be repaid according to the guidelines established in the federal regulations.  By accepting a loan, the student has a legal responsibility to repay the loan amount as instructed in the promissory note.  In fulfilling this obligation, the student establishes an early credit reference.  Students must maintain satisfactory Academic Progress in order to be eligible for any Title IV Federal Loan Program.

Federal Perkins Loans

The Perkins Loan is a low interest federal loan.  By completing the FAFSA, students with exceptional need are automatically considered for the Perkins Loan.  Funds are borrowed at a five percent interest rate with repayment commencing nine months after the student graduates or drops below half-time enrollment.  Repayment can be postponed or cancelled according to provisions listed on the promissory note.  A Master Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling session are required before funds are eligible to for disbursement.  The Promissory Note details the terms and conditions of the student loan and entrance counseling informs student borrowers of his/her rights and responsibilities in regards to borrowing through the Perkins Loan program.

Total repayment time for the aggregate loan amount ranges up to ten years.  Each student with a Perkins Loan must complete an “Exit Interview” at Ferrum prior to graduation or withdrawal from the college.

Federal Stafford Loans

Stafford Loans are available at an interest rate as determined by higher education legislation.  A student with financial need as determined by the FAFSA can apply for the Subsidized Stafford Loan.  Interest does not accrue until graduation, and loan repayment is deferred during college enrollment.  A student without financial need (also determined by the FAFSA) can apply for the Unsubsidized Stafford Loan, but the interest accrues during college enrollment.  Repayment commences six months after the student leaves school or drops to less than half-time.  Students must complete a Stafford Loan Master Promissory Note and Stafford Loan Entrance Counseling as first time borrowers to apply for the Stafford Loan.  Returning students who have borrowed previously do not need to complete any additional loan information.  Students who wish to decline all or a portion of their Stafford Loan should contact the Financial Aid office by phone, e-mail, or written notification.  Each student will be informed of his/her rights and responsibilities through the entrance counseling session.

Federal PLUS

PLUS is a federal loan program designed to assist parents of dependent undergraduate students.  Parents must provide documentation which verifies the dependency status of the student.  A credit check is required.  The interest rate is fixed at 7.9 percent.  Repayment commences within sixty days after the loan funds are disbursed.  Loan eligibility is determined by subtracting the student’s expected financial aid from the total estimated cost of attending Ferrum.  PLUS applications are available in the Financial Aid Office.  Deferment options are available for PLUS Loans effective July 1, 2009.  Parent should contact COD (Common Originations and Disbursements.)

Alternative Loans

In addition to federal loans, financing options are available through banks and other educational lending institutions.  These options include both long and short-term loans, payment plans, and educational lines of credit; they are designed to assist students and their families who either are not eligible for federal grand and loan funds or who need additional educational financing.  Most alternative loans require that the borrower/cosigner demonstrate credit-worthiness.  Students are encouraged to read Ferrum College’s Code of Conduct policy online at www.ferrum.edu/financial_aid/loan_programs.aspx.

United Methodist Aid Programs

United Methodist students are encouraged to apply for assistance from The United Methodist Church programs which are described below.  Applications for all programs are available in the Financial Aid Office.

United Methodist Scholarships

Ferrum nominates qualified applicants annually for the United Methodist Scholarships available through the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry in Nashville, Tennessee.  Financial need, superior grades, and church membership are factors in selection.  A FAFSA must be filed to determine eligibility.  Scholarships, available to four or five students each year, range from $500 to $1,000.  Nominations end on June 1.

United Methodist Foundation Scholars Program

The purpose of the scholars program is to value-centered education in a Christian context in United Methodist-related institutions through scholarship assistance to United Methodist students.  This program provides four (4) $1,000 scholarships at each United Methodist-related pre-collegiate school and four-year college or university.  One scholarship is earmarked for an entering first-year college student, one for a second-year college student, one for a third-year college student, and one for a rising college senior.  Nominations end on June 1.

Other United Methodist Programs

Many other United Methodist programs are available. Ferrum College participates in the Triple and Double Your Dollar for Scholars Programs, as well as the United Methodist Leadership Scholars Program. United Methodist scholarship information is available online at www.gbhem.org or www.umhef.org. Students may be limited to one United Methodist program per year.

United Methodist Student Loans

Low interest student loans (6% interest) are available through the United Methodist Church Office of Loans and Scholarships in Nashville, Tennessee.  Need is a factor, as are grades, church membership, and U.S. citizenship.  The maximum annual loan is $5,000.  Loan applications are available from the Financial Aid Office or can be requested from the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry at www.gbhem.org.

Endowed Scholarships

The college has established numerous endowed scholarships through donations from friends.  A partial list of these funds may be found on the following pages.  Most grants are made based on financial need as determined by the results of the FAFSA and on qualifications particular to the individual scholarships.  Accepted students who have submitted a FAFSA will be automatically considered for these scholarships and will be notified if additional information is needed.

Archie Everett and Eugenia Long Acey Scholarship Fund
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Adams Endowed Scholarship Fund
Ruth McKenry Ainsley Memorial Scholarship
Elizabeth Hite Anderson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Annandale United Methodist Women Endowed Scholarship
Ruth and Alex Armour Scholarship Fund
W. Barney Arthur Endowed Scholarship Fund
Astin Endowment for Christian Ministries
William B. Bales Scholarship
Richard ’26 and Margaret Barbour Performing Arts Endowed Scholarship
Barton Heights United Methodist Church Scholarship Fund
J. E. Bassett Endowed Scholarship
Bassett-Walker Scholarship
BB&T of Virginia-Roanoke Valley Region Endowed Scholarship
Frederick Beazley Scholars Endowment
Benjamin M. Beckham Endowed Scholarship
Nannie Barrow Beckham Endowed Scholarship
Flora East Spencer Boone Scholarship
Harry E. Born Scholarship
Lillian Rangeley Lanier Bowles Endowed Scholarship
Charles T. Boyd ’30 and Mary Lou Bond Endowed Memorial Scholarship
George H. Boyd ’32 and Mildred W. Boyd Scholarship Fund
Walter Y. Boyd ’49 and Mary Louise H. Boyd Endowed Scholarship
Walter Y. and Helen Elizabeth Boyd Endowed Scholarship
J. Marvin Brammer Endowed Scholarship
Charles E. Brauer, Jr. Scholarship Fund
General James Breckinridge Chapter NSDAR Endowed Scholarship
Wavie Roberson Brinkmann Endowed Scholarship
Charles Robert Brogan Endowed Scholarship
Virginia Grace Brogan Endowed Scholarship
Fae H. Brown Scholarship
Mary Evelyn Bryant Scholarship
Betty Jackson Burrows Endowed Scholarship
J. Lawson Cabaniss Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund
Carilion Health System Endowed Scholarship
Sylvanus and Virgie Carter Family Memorial Scholarship
Worth Harris Carter, Jr. and Katherine S. Carter Scholarship Fund
Kirk Douglas Cash Memorial Scholarship
Central Virginia Scholarship
John F. Chapman ’22 Memorial Scholarship
Oscar Chapman Work-Study Fund
Tom and Maggie Chilton Scholarship Fund
Mark Douglas Clapp ’76 Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Mary Hoyle Clark Scholarship
Pauline Yates Clark ’41 Endowed Scholarship
Walter H., Lina L. and Walter H. Clark, Jr., Scholarship Fund
Class of 1949 Endowed Scholarship
Selona Helms and Fred Clifton Work Program Scholarship Endowment
Olin R. and Patricia O. Compton Endowed Scholarship
Harold W. Conant Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Ralph W. Corn ’31 Endowed Scholarship Fund
Lolene H. Corron Endowed Scholarship
Grayce Dodd Cosby Scholarship Fund
Court Street United Methodist Church of Lynchburg Scholarship
Jean F. Craig Endowed Scholarship
Bruce Eric Cramer Scholarship
Mark S. Creech ’74 Scholarship
Henry W. and Ruby Sherwood Crenshaw Scholarship
Joseph Lovick Crenshaw, Sr., Memorial Scholarship
John F. Crigler Memorial Scholarship
Carl E. and Marcy J. Crimm Scholarship
Daniel Scholarship Fund
Danville District Laity Scholarship
Danville/Pittsylvania Business Scholarship
James A. Davis Endowed Scholarship
Nathaniel H. Davis Scholarship Fund
Derby Family Scholarship
Roberta Gardner Drinkard Endowed Scholarship
Jessie Ball duPont Endowed Scholarship Fund
Evelyn Dwyer Endowed Scholarship Fund
D. Frederick Dyer Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund
Andrew Horsley and Anne Owen Easley Scholarship Fund
Austin Luther Evans Scholarship
Elsie Brogan Evans Scholarship
Faculty/Staff Work-Study Endowment
Ferrum College Endowment for Christian Ministries
Ferrum College Minority Endowed Scholarship
William Leland Finney Memorial Scholarship
First United Methodist Church, Martinsville Scholarship
Stanley O. Forbes, Sr., Endowed Scholarship
Fort Hill United Methodist Church Scholarship
Franklin County Scholarships
Clarence E. Fries Memorial Fund
Albert and Connie Gingrich Scholarship
Helen S. Gleason Scholarship
Golden Panthers Endowed Scholarship (Formerly 50-Year Club Endowed Scholarship)
K. Edward Goode ‘46 and Reva E. Goode ‘46 Scholarship
Reverend M.G. and Thelma Goodpasture Endowed Scholarship
Grand Master’s Scholarship of the Grand Lodge of Virginia
Greater Hampton Roads Endowed Scholarship
Lillian Frances Griffith Memorial Scholarship
Vilrie E. Griffith ’41 Scholarship
Mattie H. and Irving M. Groves, Sr. Memorial Scholarship
H.L. Harris Memorial Fund
Paul L. Harris ’65 and Susan Lee Harris Endowed Scholarship
Randy Harris Memorial Student Endowed Scholarship
Mary Frances Rogers Hartz Scholarship
William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship Fund for Minority Students
James M. and Martha E. Hesser Endowed Scholarship
Hillsdale Fund, Inc. Learning Plus Endowed Scholarship Fund
Kitty Sue and Clyde Hooker Endowed Scholarship
Grant Hudson Memorial Fund for Men’s Basketball
Kyle Hudson Memorial Scholarship
John Kemper and Lelia Angle Hurt Endowed Scholarship
John L. Hurt, Jr., Memorial Scholarship
J. Wesley Inge Endowed Scholarship
Wiley N. Jackson Scholarship Fund
Thomas Roy & Virginia Quarles Jarrett Scholarship
Dr. Richard L. Jasse Endowed Scholarship Fund
Thelma and Charles Jennings Endowed Scholarship
Ruby Lawson Jones Memorial Scholarship
Rose M. and Robert L. Kent Scholarship
Rev. George Thomas Kesler Scholarship Fund
Virginia Wheat Key Memorial Scholarship
Isabelle H. and Irving B. Kline Endowed Scholarship
Lamberth Endowed Scholarship
Lane Memorial United Methodist Church Scholarship
Dorothy Hill Lewis Endowed Scholarship
Jeanne and Jody Lewis Scholarship
Myrtle G. Linkous Endowed Scholarship
Lorinda G. Lionberger Leadership Scholarship Fund
C. Wayne Loree Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Douglas F. Love ’22 Memorial Scholarship
Mabel J. Lowry Endowed Scholarship
Thelma and A. Tracy Loyd Music Scholarship Fund
Albert W. and Marilaura W. Lynch Scholarship
Anne Fruit Mann Endowed Scholarship
Martinsville-Henry County Scholarship
Aubrey and Sissy Mason Scholarship
George and Mary Hodges Mattox Endowed Scholarship
William R. ’24 and Eunice Hoyle ’28 Mattox Endowed Scholarship
Michael Stephen May ’92 Endowed Scholarship
The Ray Elwood McAlexander ’52 Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Mr. and Mrs. John A. McKenry Memorial Scholarship Fund
Wilma Brogan McPherson Scholarship
Charles G. Menefee ’42 and Mary H. Menefee Endowed Scholarship
Rev. William A. Moon, Jr. and Mrs. Wise J. Moon Endowment for Christian Ministries
Anna Fowler Moore and Robert Harless Moore Endowment and Scholarship Fund (An outside trust established by the will of the late R. Stuart Moore)
Melvin C. Moss Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund
Raymond E. and Louise McDaniel Musser Scholarship
W.W. Naff. Jr./Rotary Club of Rocky Mount Endowed Scholarship
Guy W. Nolen Endowed Work Scholarship
Arthur S. Owens Scholarship
Patrick County Alumni Scholarship
Louise Virginia Pedigo ’20 Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Fannie Walton Peery Memorial Scholarship Fund
Richard F. Pence Memorial Scholarship
Greg Perdue Endowed Memorial Scholarship
J. Randolph Perdue, M.D., Scholarship
Perrow Scholarship
Mary Virginia Pharr ’93 Endowed Scholarship
Mary C. and Robert T. Pickett, Jr., Endowed Scholarship
Powell Endowment for Philosophy Scholarship
Roy H. Price Endowed Scholarship
J. L. and Helen B. Racey Scholarship
Curtiss Lee Ramsey ’29 Endowed Scholarship
Stanley Reeves Scholarship
William A. and Ethel Noell Reid Endowed Scholarship Fund
Dorothy B. Rich Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund
Emma May Ridgeway Endowed Scholarship
J. J. Riggs Scholarship
Branch King Rives Scholarship
Ollie Hudgins and Arthur Parke Roach Endowed Scholarship
Roanoke Electric Steel Scholarship
Roanoke Valley Scholarship
Rockydale Quarries Corporation Scholarship
Roediger Scholarship
Joanna Marie Rogers Memorial Scholarship
Sasha Saari Endowment for the Humanities
Marguerite R. Sadler Scholarship Fund
Wyness Tate Saenger English Scholarship
William Whidbee Sale & Virginia B. Sale Scholarship
Sara Lee Knit Products Scholarship
Charlotte E. Seegars Endowed Scholarship
Clyde R. Seeley Scholarship Fund
William Irving Sharp Endowed Scholarship
Edith C. Sheridan Scholarship
Carl B. Short Memorial Scholarship
Nellie Corn Simms ’26 Endowed Scholarship
Paul and Eula Rakes Simms Memorial Scholarship
Earl G. “Bud” Skeens, Jr. Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Robert B. Skinnell and Georgia W. Skinnell Endowed Scholarship
Lillie Warwick Slaven Award
Raymond H. and Elva Bowling Sloan Endowed Scholarship
Smith Family Endowed Scholarship
Minnie B. Smith Scholarship
Myrtle King Smith Endowment Fund
Belle Young Sommardahl Scholarship
South Roanoke United Methodist Church Scholarship
Thomas W. and Nettie N. Southgate Scholarship
Oscar H. Spencer Memorial Scholarship
Roy C. Stone ’22 Endowed Memorial Scholarship
The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation Endowed Scholarship Fund
Adeline Sunday Scholarship
Ruth P. Sutherland Endowed Scholarship
Martha Lois Harris Swann ’28 and Harvey K. Swann ’28 Endowed Scholarship
T. Edward Temple Scholarship
Charles W. Thomas Endowed Scholarship Fund
Titmus Agriculture Endowed Scholarship Fund
T. Brook Treakle III Scholarship
United Methodist Women Endowed Scholarship
Virginia Collegium Scholars Endowment
Virginia Conference Endowed Scholarship
Wachovia Bank, N.A., Scholarship
Robert W. Walker Scholarship
Stuart Pannill Ward Scholarship
Raymond A. Warlick, Jr., Scholarship
Bobby Watson Endowed Scholarship
Avis Bassett Weaver Scholarship
Minnie A. Webb Memorial Scholarship Fund
Edward C. West Memorial Scholarship
Nina and Vincent Wheeler Endowed Scholarship
James R. Wilkins, Sr., Scholarship Fund
David A. Williams and Richard Lee Polk Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Forrest S. and Jean B. Williams Scholarship
Dr. J. M. Williams Endowed Scholarship
Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Wilson Endowed Scholarship
Grace Taylor Wiltshire Endowed Scholarship
E. Bryan and Ruth S. Wright Scholarship
Lorena George and Wasena Franklin Wright, Sr., Endowed Scholarship