Teacher Education (Minor)

Teacher Education


Any student wishing to prepare for careers teaching in PreK-12 setting may do so by selecting the minor in teacher education in conjunction with a major appropriate to the areas in which he/she  wishes to teach.  Students who complete the program successfully work with the Registrar to apply for licensure by completing the forms that can be obtained from the Registrar’s Office, paying a fee, and returning his/her application to the Registrar at Ferrum College.

Ferrum’s teacher preparation program is built upon the following premises that the teacher candidate will:

-gain expertise in creating, facilitating, and evaluating meaningful, developmentally appropriate learning exercises with students.
-construct a world view of teaching and learning through the acquisition of an historical, theoretical, and philosophical context for analysis and decision-making.
-display a commitment to professional standards, responsible behavior, and a collaborative stance towards peers.  The commitment is reflected in the following:

  1. Actions based upon informed decisions predicated on research about effective teaching and actual field experiences.
  2. The utilization of a continuing self-assessment and professional development process.
  3. The tendency to access and incorporate a wide variety of resources into one’s teaching.

-be receptive to the contention that

  • all students can be reached and all students can learn;
  • global and multicultural agendas should be woven into the curriculum;
  • student choice and empowerment are essential;
  • students need to be involved and increasingly responsible for their own learning;
  • and experience should be an essential part of learning.


Admission to the Program:

Course Sequence

The standards and course sequence are carefully crafted to provide program candidates a rich professional experience.  It is highly recommended that students plan carefully in order to take advantage of the professional development plan designed to prepare program candidates for the profession of teaching. Course work for the minor in the Teacher Education Program can begin in the freshman year with students taking the following prerequisite courses:

  • PSY 201
  • PSY 211 with PSY 291 LAB (All elementary and All-level candidates must enroll in PSY 291 the same semester as PSY 211; PSY 291 is not required for secondary candidates)

Students must demonstrate a commitment through the following requirements:

  • Cumulative grade point average – 2.5 GPA
  • "C” or above in both ENG 101 & 102; MTH 105 or higher; PSY 211 & 291(if required); and a lab science

A plan for Teacher Education Program (EDU) candidate course work follows:


  • EDU 202 (fall or spring)– requires students take and pass the Virginia Communication and Language Assessment (VCLA).
  • SPD 220 (fall or spring) is required for all students
  • EDU 302 may be taken in the spring of the sophomore year and required students to take and pass Praxis I components necessary to be considered a candidate in the Teacher Education Program. 
***At this point, if a student has successfully completed 40 credit hours, EDU 202, EDU 302 and have all other program standard components (GPA requirements, testing requirements, grades in specific course requirement, etc), he/she must complete a formal application to enter the Teacher Education Program minor.  The application will be reviewed and an interview will be scheduled.  Upon acceptance after the interview, a student will be formally entered into the Teacher Education Program minor.   Only students who are FORMALLY accepted into the Teacher Education Program minor may continue in EDU courses as a candidate for licensure.  *** STUDENTS MUST BE IN COMPLIANCE WITH ALL PREVIOUS PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS AND BE FORMALLY ACCEPTED INTO THE TEACHER EDUCATION PROGRAM TO CONTINUE.***


  • EDU 302 (fall or spring) requires students take and pass Praxis I
  • EDU 310/311(spring) for elementary - requires student take Virginia Reading Assessment - Reading for Virginia Educators (RVE) upon completion of this class and passed prior to enrolling in any additional EDU classes.
  • EDU 312(spring) for all-level and secondary candidates


  • EDU 354 (fall) for elementary – requires students take Praxis II (elementary)
  • EDU 355/357 (fall) for secondary – requires students take Praxis II (content area)
  • EDU 358/360 (fall) for all-level – requires students take Praxis II (content area, as required)

Upon completion of Senior Strategies classes, students must complete a formal application to register for EDU 402 and EDU 403 and thus allowing registration for EDU 402. Requirements for admission into EDU 402 and EDU 403:  2.8 GPA in major; 3.0 GPA in Teacher Education Minor;  2.5 GPA overall; and passed all testing requirements.

  • EDU 402 (spring) upon successful completion this course meets the experiential component requirement for all majors; must be taken in conjunction with EDU 403.
  • EDU 403 (spring) upon successful completion this course meets the experiential component requirement for all majors; must be taken in conjunction with EDU 402.

Continuation in Program:

Program candidates MUST maintain a “C” or better in each of the Liberal Core courses specific to the Teacher Education Minor.

A student’s continuation in the sequence of Teacher Education classes as member of the Teacher Education Program is contingent upon: (1)formal acceptance into the Teacher Education Program by application only; (2) the maintenance of an overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.5, a GPA of 2.8 in major discipline and a GPA of 3.0 in the Teacher Education minor classes; (3) taking and passing required program and state testing.  Students must also demonstrate appropriate progress in their professional development as evidenced in their Performance Presentations at the end of each EDU class above and including EDU 302.  In addition, program candidates must have appropriate evaluations in each of their field-based internships.

The Teacher Education Faculty reviews and evaluates each program candidate’s progress at the end of each semester to determine continued eligibility based on the established criteria above, as well as any other reports submitted concerning ethical behaviors.  A letter of compliance is sent to each student concerning their eligibility.  Students who are not in compliance will be blocked from taking additional classes and removed from the Teacher Education Program.

Students who are not in compliance with ALL program components will NOT be allowed to student teach.  Students may petition the Teacher Education Committee to appeal this decision, if and only if, the appeal does not include a request to overturn program requirements, such as testing and GPA issues.  The appeal process includes: (1) a written request delivered within one week following the receipt of the letter regarding the decision related to registration for student teaching.  It should state the reason(s) an exception should be made; (2)  in person explanation to the Teacher Education Committee scheduled within three weeks after the receipt of the written petition of appeal; (3) a decision will be given in writing to the petitioner within one week following the in person appeal.

Program candidates interested in Elementary Education (Pk-6):

  • Major in Liberal Arts, minor in Teacher Education
  • Successfully complete (“C” or better) in ENG 101 & 102, MTH 105 or higher, BIO 101, PSY 201, 211 & 291, MTH 320 to satisfy the required Liberal Arts Core for the Liberal Arts Major

Program candidates interested in Secondary Education (6-12):

  • Students must choose a content area as a MAJOR and minor in Teacher Education.
  • Successfully complete PSY 211 (PSY 291 is not required)


Endorsement for Licensure

Agricultural Sciences Agriculture Education
Pre-Professional Science Biology & Chemistry*
Biology Biology
General Business Business Education
Chemistry Chemistry
Computer Information Systems Computer Science 
English English
  Journalism minor (add on)
Theatre Arts Theatre Arts
Mathematical Sciences Mathematics
Algebra I (add on)
Social Studies (History, Government, Economics, Psychology) Social Studies
 Spanish  Spanish

*Pre-Professional Science requires a dual endorsement licensure in Biology and Chemistry with the requirements listed below




    BIO 101, 201, 202, 305, 330       CHM 101, 105, or 103, 104
    BIO 254 or 303 or ESC 211       CHM 301, 302, 341
        CHM 315 or 412
        CHM 342 or 305
  • Program candidates interested in Art, Theatre Arts, Physical Education/Health, Russian or Spanish are considered ALL-LEVEL (PK-12).
  • Field placements must occur at both elementary and secondary levels
  • Successfully complete PSY 211 & 291
  • Complete student teaching placements at both elementary and secondary levels


Program Completion for Licensure

Students completing all components of the Teacher Education Program become eligible for licensure in the Commonwealth of Virginia, as well as states with reciprocity agreements.
In order to apply for licensure, students must:

  • Complete the application for licensure available online.
    Follow the clear instructions listed in Steps 1-8 on the “Procedures for Applying for an initial Virginia License for Teachers” and submit the entire application and all required documentation to the Ferrum College Registrar.  There is a fee for licensure.**
  • Provide official evidence to the Registrar demonstrating completion of the Child Abuse Recognition and Intervention training
  • Provide official evidence to the Registrar demonstrating official passing scores on any required assessment such as:  Praxis II, VCLA and RVE
  • Earn a grade of “B” or higher in EDU 402 Student Teaching and EDU 403 Synthesis
  • Provide the Registrar with written permission for release of the college transcript to be sent to the Virginia Department of Education.  There is a fee for an official transcript

**This non-refundable application fee made payable to the Treasurer of Virginia must accompany the application packet.  The Registrar will submit the entire application packet to the Virginia Department of Education.