Required Courses

   MTH 211 Calculus 4
   Additional Mathematics (200-level or above, at least
 9 at 300-400 level, not to include MTH 320)

    Total Hours Required    18

    Algebra I add-on endorsement
    Students who are seeking an add-on endorsement in Mathematics (Algebra I), must complete the courses listed below.  Add-on endorsements must be combined with an initial licensure program in another content area.

    Courses required for an add-on endorsement:

       Math 111 and 112* 6
       Math 206 or 208 3
       Math 211 4
       Math 302 3
       Math 311 3
       Math 420 3
       CSC 320 or 225 3/4

      Total Hours Required    25/26

      *Students who come to Ferrum with a strong background in Algebra and Trigonometry may choose to take Math 211 and Math 221 without taking Math 111 and Math 112.  Students who complete this add on endorsement must have at least 24 credit hours of related course work.  To receive a minor in Mathematics students must have 18 credit hours of Mathematics at the 200 level or above.