International Studies

International Studies

B.A. Degree

The growth of world interdependence has made it imperative that Ferrum College offer its students a program of study which can prepare them to function effectively in a society more than ever affected by international affairs.  Virtually every aspect of life in the modern United States – business and labor, religious life, government: both federal and state, and even science and technology – is influenced by what happens in the wider world.  The interdisciplinary major in International Studies is designed to provide students with the opportunity to be educated for citizenship in this kind of world.  Majors will become more conversant with history, language, culture, economy, and politics of foreign nations and the international community in which they participate.  Graduates will be prepared to take advantage of expanding career opportunities in transnational businesses, government, and the many humanitarian, research, and lobbying groups operating in the international context.  The program also provides an academic foundation for post-graduate study.

The Experiential Component (requirement of the major) can be met by successfully completing the following:

   PSC 203 International Politics

Required Liberal Arts Core Courses

   PSC 205 Comparative Government 3
   ECO 201 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
   LAN 201, 202 Intermediate Foreign Language 6

Required Course

   PSC 203 International Politics 3

Language Requirement

   LAN 301, 302 Advanced Foreign Language 6

Categorical Requirements (36 hours total)

I. Area Studies (at least 12 hours)

   HIS 350 The European Phoenix 3
   HIS 371 China 3
   HIS 373 India 3
   HIS 374 Southeast Asia 3
   HIS 375 Sub-Saharan Africa 3
   HIS 378 North Africa 3
   HIS 380 Latin America 3
   PSC 277 African Politics, Film, and Literature 3

    II. International Relations (at least 12 hours)

       PSC 302 Political Geography 3
       PSC 306 Politics and Human Rights 3
       PSC 420 War and Peacekeeping – U.S. National Security Policy 3
       PSC 440 International Law and Organizations 3
       HIS 312 U.S. Foreign Policy Since 1945 3
       HIS 382 U.S.-Latin American Relations 3

      III. Economics (at least 3 hours)

         ECO 330 International Trade 3
         ECO 430 Development Economics 3
         PSC 435 Political Economy of Development 3

      IV. Major Electives (21 hours)

      Additional courses from the Area Studies or International Relations categories or from the following: HIS 496, HIS 497, PSC 491, PSC 499 (as approved by the program coordinator).

      Total Hours Required in Major    57