Ferrum Gateway Seminar (GWS)

Ferrum Gateway Seminar (FER)

101 Ferrum Gateway Seminar (GWS)

The Ferrum Gateway Seminar, a component of the Pathways to Success program, is designed to assist new students in making a successful transition to Ferrum College.  It consists of intensive individual advising and regularly scheduled classes taught by the advisor.  GWS 101 helps prepare students for the academic rigors of college by focusing on discussion of concepts and ideas from a common reading. The course helps students begin their college experience with an integrating, grounding academic experience and to achieve familiarity with campus resources and college policies.  In addition, it includes career exploration and assistance with time management and study skills.  The Ferrum Gateway Seminar is required during the first semester for all full-time freshmen.  If you are a transfer student with 24 or more credits (excluding dual enrollment credits earned), you may decide to opt out of taking the Gateway Seminar.
Two hours, two credits.

105 Introduction to College Living and Learning (FOCUS)
An academic seminar, usually two weeks in the summer, in which incoming freshmen can earn elective college credit.  This intensive, faculty taught course focuses on academic growth through a choice of various disciplines, giving students the opportunity to better understand the expectations and possibilities of college.
Two credits

120 Thinking and Learning in College
This course offers students entering Ferrum College the opportunity for developing an understanding of human cognitive function in order to learn how to learn in the college environment and beyond. Students will learn about and apply strategies for understanding, retaining, and applying information.  Prerequisites: entering freshmen
Two hours, one credit.

131 Mentoring Development
This course will provide students with the necessary skills to participate as mentors in GWS 101 and other campus mentoring programs.  Leadership, mentoring, and attending skills will be highlighted.  This course is taught during the second half of the spring semester twice a week, with one section in fall as necessary.
Two hours, one credit.

199 Introduction to Service Learning
Opportunity for service-learning experience in a public/human service organization or educational setting.  Through the interaction of experience, readings, and reflection, the student learns to apply knowledge and skills in the community, exercise critical thinking, develop self-learning and helping skills, develop societal knowledge and sensitivity, and enhance personal development.
Three hours, three credits.

200 Career Exploration
This course will assist students in the career decision-making process through the integration of self-knowledge and research in the world of work and professional school.  Course may be taken consecutively with FER 202.
Seven weeks, one credit.

202 Career Planning
This course teaches students effective job-seeking skills such as resume building and preparation, job search strategies, and interview skills.
Seven weeks, one credit.

232, 332, 432 Mentoring Practicum (for GWS 101)
A leadership experience for students above the freshman level.  This course, which may be taken up to three times, requires participation as a mentor in the GWS 101 as well as out-of-class interaction with freshman students.  Prerequisites: FER 131 and G.P.A. of 2.500 or better.
Two hours, one credit.