Education Studies (Non-Licensure Program)

Educational Studies (Non-Licensure Minor)

This minor is specifically designed for students who have an interest in education but are NOT seeking licensure for public school teaching.  This minor may suit students who are interested in pursuing an advanced degree or who are interested in working in positions where an in-depth understanding of educational topics may provide support for their chosen profession.

This minor is NOT designed to prepare students for teaching, but fits well as one of the three minors students may choose as part of the Liberal Studies Major.  This minor is NOT designed to provide an alternative route to licensure as a public school teacher.  This minor does NOT substitute for the Teacher Education Program minor.

This minor should be declared upon the completion of the sophomore year.

Students who might begin in the Teacher Education Program as candidates MUST declare their intentions to pursue this non-licensure program upon the completion of EDU 302, and prior choosing additional enrollment in any EDU classes above EDU 302.

Students pursuing the Educational Studies minor who wish to be allowed to request a change of minor to become a candidate in the Teacher Education Program (see page XX), must meet all the requirements of the program before a change in minor will be considered for review.

This minor does not satisfy the experiential component required by majors thus this requirement must be met within the student’s chosen major.

Those interested in pursuing a Major in Physical Education may not use the Educational Studies minor.  Licensure is required for a Major in Physical Education.

Required Courses

  • EDU 202 Issues in Education through Technology    3
  • EDU 302 Foundations of Education    3
  • SPD 220 Special Education    3
  • PSY 211 Human Growth and Development    3
  • PSY 291 Practicum and Child Development Lab    1

Subtotal    13

Elective Cluster

  • EDU 310 Developmental & Diagnostic Reading and EDU 311 Language Arts    6
  • OR
  • EDU 312 Content Area Reading and EDU 330 Middle School    6

Total Hours Required    19