Social Work

Social Work

B.S.W. Degree

The social work program at Ferrum College is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.  Graduates of the program receive the B.S.W. degree which prepares them for the beginning professional practice of social work.  Instruction in the program emphasizes the theoretical foundations of beginning generalist social work practice in both rural and urban communities.

The curriculum focuses on the importance of respect for diversity, advocacy for social and economic justice and empowerment of at-risk populations which are blended throughout an academic presentation of values, ethics, and knowledge for practice of the social work profession.  Classroom learning, community-based service learning projects, and supervised direct practice are incorporated into the curriculum.  The student is required to complete two separate field experiences and concurrent seminars; one in the sophomore/junior year and one in the senior year.  The first experience is in a community setting within a local social service delivery system.  The senior participates in an extensive agency experience supervised by both a faculty liaison and a field instructor who has earned the B.S.W. or M.S.W. degree.  The program utilizes a broad spectrum of settings for field placements including adoption and foster care agencies, juvenile courts services and adult probation offices, Child Advocacy Programs, medical and psychiatric hospitals, hospices, substance abuse and mental health programs, day support centers, schools, nursing homes, community centers, and public social services.  Field placements are developed to fit the students’ career objectives.  The program faculty acknowledges the value of the holistic approach to education and are attentive to a student’s need for a total college experience, in addition to focusing on preparation for the beginning professional practice of social work.

The Experiential Component (requirement of the major) can be met by successfully completing the following:

  • SWK 299 Introduction to Community Services
  • SWK 498 Senior Seminar
  • SWK 499 Internship

Degree Specific Requirements

  • BUS 230 Computer Applications or CSC 100 Computer Literacy    3
  • ECO 201 Macroeconomic, PSC 101 American National Government and Politics, or PSC 202 State and Local Government    3

Admission to the Program:

Students desiring acceptance into social work professional courses (300 and 400 level) must have completed the following course requirements with a grade of “C” or better:
Required Liberal Arts Core Courses

  • ENG 102 Composition and Research    3
  • BIO 102 General Biology, II or
       SCI 128 The Healthy Human Body and SCI 129 The Diseased Human Body    4
  • SOC 101 General Sociology    3

Students not meeting all the above requirements, due to special circumstances, may be eligible to seek a waiver from the Social Work Program Coordinator.

When the above Liberal Arts Core and pre-professional courses are completed, students must submit the Application to Professional Social Work Program form for permission to advance to the professional program courses.  (This form can be obtained from any social work faculty member.)

Continuation in the Program

A student will not be allowed to take upper-level social work courses without passing the required pre-professional status courses with at least a grade of “C”.  A social work major must successfully complete all courses required in the Professional Status listing below with a minimum grade of “C”.

Required Courses
Pre-Professional Status

  • PSY 201 General Psychology    3
  • PSY 211 Human Growth and Development – Childhood    3
  • PSY 212 Human Growth and Development – Adolescence and Adult    3
  • SOC 203 Sociology of U.S. Cultural Diversity    3
  • SWK 201 Introduction to Social Work    3
  • SWK 210 Practice I    3
  • SWK 299 Introduction to Community Service    3

Professional Status

  • PSY 320 Abnormal Psychology*    3
  • SOC 202 Social Problems*    3
  • SWK 310 Practice II    3
  • SWK 320 Social Welfare Policy: History, Philosophy, and Current Policies    3
  • SWK 321 Social Welfare Policy: Analysis, Formulation, and Implementation    3
  • SWK 330 Human Behavior and the Social Environment    3
  • SWK 410 Practice III    3
  • SOC 470 Social Sciences Research    3
  • SWK 498 Senior Seminar    3
  • SWK 499 Senior Field Placement    9

Total Hours Required for Major    57
*Indicates that these courses may be completed during either the preprofessional or professional status.

Most social work courses have other social work courses as prerequisites; see the course descriptions for details.  PSY 201 is a prerequisite for other psychology courses.