Recreation Leadership Program

(minor required) B.S. Degree

The Recreation Leadership program is founded on the principle that healthy recreation and leisure pursuits are critical to the development of the complete individual with a holistic approach to living.  The recreation professional, regardless of the specific sector, is crucial in delivering high quality recreation and leisure experiences that impact individuals in meaningful ways.  Through experiential and traditional learning environments coupled with direct application of theory and best practices, the Recreation Leadership student will develop core competencies and build on the leadership, critical thinking and problem solving skills necessary for success in a broad range of career settings.

The Recreation Leadership major prepares the student for a variety of recreation settings including local, state and federal agencies, non-profit organizations, recreation services, natural and historic interpretation agencies, as well as commercial enterprises.  The major is also offered as a minor for those students pursuing other majors.  Two minors, Ecotourism and Outdoor Recreation, complement the major.

The Experiential Component (requirement of the major) can be met by successfully completing the following:

  • REC 499 Internship

Required Liberal Arts Core Courses (7 hours)

  • ECO 202 Principles of Microeconomics    3
  • ESC 110 Introduction to Environmental Issues    4

Degree Specific Requirements (9 hours)

  • ACC 201 Principles of Accounting I    3
  • ACC 202 Principles of Accounting II    3
  • BUS 230 Computer Applications    3

Required Common Courses (36 hours)

  • REC 260 Foundations of Recreation and Leisure    3
  • REC 270 Practicum I    1
  • REC 331 Community Recreation or
  • REC 334 Commercial Recreation    3
  • REC 341 Program Planning and Leadership     4
  • REC 350 Risk Management, Safety and Legal issues in Recreation Admin.    3
  • REC 410 Recreation Administration    3
  • REC 413 Facilities Planning, Development, and Maintenance    3
  • REC 440 Recreation Seminar    3
  • REC 499 Internship    4
  • SOC 470 Social Science Research    3
  • ESC 313 Natural Resource Management    3
  • BUS 311 Marketing    3

Total Hours Required in Major    36
(minor required)