Global Perspectives Certificate Program

Global Perspectives Certificate Program

The Global Perspectives Certificate provides students at Ferrum College the opportunity to expand their education beyond the boundaries of a standard major by selecting courses designed to prepare them for life in the twenty-first century, where traditional boundaries are rapidly giving way to broader cultural and global issues that demand new perspectives and new insights and knowledge.  Completion of the requirements of the Global Perspectives Certificate will prepare students to become better informed, socially responsible, and environmentally conscious members of the national and world community, and thus better able to “collaborate with people of diverse cultural attitudes, beliefs, and values”—as stated in the college’s student learning outcomes.


I. A minimum of six hours of foreign language study.  More recommended. (6 hours)

II. Religion 151 (World Religions) is required as the second course to fulfill the required 6-hour religion/philosophy core requirement.

III. A minimum of one course from the following list (3 hours):

  • PSC 277 African Politics, Film and Literature    3
  • ENG 202 World Literature    3
  • THA 302 World Drama    3
  • RUS 402 20th Century Literature    3
  • SPA 403 Spanish Literature (taught in Spanish)    3
  • SPA 404 Latin American Literature (taught in Spanish)    3

IV. A minimum of one course from the following list (3 hours):

  • HIS 371 China    3
  • HIS 372 Japan and the Little Dragon    3
  • HIS 373 India    3
  • HIS 374 Southeast Asia    3
  • HIS 375 Sub-Saharan Africa    3
  • HIS 378 North Africa    3
  • HIS 380 Latin American History    3
  • RUS 304 Russian Culture    3
  • SPA 325 Spanish Culture    3
  • SPA 326 Latin American Culture    3

V.  One of the following science courses (2 hours): 

(Substitutions may be made)

  • SCI 121 Population, Food and Environment    2
  • SCI 123 Global Ecology and Climate Change    2
  • SCI 126 Natural Resource Conservation    2
  • SCI 133 Human Evolution and Ecology    2

VI. One of the following (3 hours):   

(This category provides choices related to the varied interests of the students pursuing a Global Perspectives Certificate)

  • ACC 407 International Accounting    3
  • BUS 420 International Business    3
  • BUS 492, 493 Global Competitiveness Practicum        3
  • ECO 315 Environmental and Natural Resource Economics    3
  • ECO 330 International Trade    3
  • HUM 300 Holocaust    3
  • HUM 333 Intercultural Conflict Mediation    3
  • PSC 306 Politics and Human Rights    3
  • PSC 435 Political Economy of Development    3
  • PSC 440 International Law and Organization    3

VII. An international travel E-Term course or an approved study abroad course with another provider. (3 hours)

VIII. Capstone research paper related to the student’s studies and particular areas of interest, to be submitted to a faculty committee and presented at an annual symposium for students seeking the Global Perspectives Certificate.  Generally in order to present the paper, the student must have demonstrated having completed all other requirements for the certificate.

Total Hours Required    23