(minor required) B.A. Degree

The English program at Ferrum College has two primary purposes: to serve all students by helping them develop and refine their writing and research skills, then by helping them understand how to read and write about literature; and to develop majors who are thoughtful, perceptive, articulate, and open to a wide variety of literary traditions and complexities of language. In addition, English graduates should be able to write effectively in a variety of contexts and should be well prepared for a broad range of careers, but especially those working with texts and language.  The program helps students to develop both critical thinking and oral communication skills by familiarizing students with literature from diverse cultures, nationalities, and historical periods and through study of the history, structure, functions, and variations of language.  Finally, English graduates should be proficient in using both traditional and modern technologies in the study of literature and language.  An English major provides excellent preparation for graduate school in many fields.

Experiential Component (requirement of the major):
All students majoring in English will be required to complete a relevant experiential component involving supervised work in one of the following areas (or some combination): internship, a college media organization (The Iron Blade, Chrysalis, or Ferrum Radio),  volunteer service, student teaching, tutoring, collaboration in a faculty research project, or development of a paper for formal presentation.  Students may substitute an alternative with the approval of the appropriate School Dean.  If the student’s work is not undertaken for credit in an existing course, the student should enroll in a one-credit English practicum under the supervision of a faculty member in the English Department.  For English majors also minoring in journalism, the journalism practicum or internship can serve as the experiential component required by the English major.

Degree Specific Requirements:

  • Foreign Language through intermediate level

Students should choose 9 hours from each of the following three categories for a total of 27.
  An additional 9 hours must be chosen from any of the 3-hour English courses or HUM 333 without regard for categories, to reach the required major hours of 36.  No more than 9 hours of the 36, however, may be at the 200 level.

Category I

  • ENG 201 World Literature I    3
  • ENG 203 British Literature I    3
  • ENG 205 American Literature I    3
  • ENG 209 African American Literature    3
  • ENG 210 World Folktales and Literature    3
  • ENG 212 Women in Literature    3
  • ENG 323 Novel I    3
  • ENG 345 American Literature, 1815-1865    3
  • ENG 361 British Literature, 1660-1798    3
  • ENG 365 Shakespeare    3
  • ENG 421 Medieval Literature    3
  • ENG 425 Seminar: Selected Authors    3

Category II

  • ENG 202 World Literature II    3
  • ENG 204 British Literature II    3
  • ENG 206 American Literature II    3
  • ENG 207 Selected Topics    3
  • ENG 211 Literature and the Environment    3
  • ENG 221 Introduction to Film    3
  • ENG 301 Literature for Children and Adolescents    3
  • ENG 324 Novel II    3
  • ENG 328 Seminar: Selected Literary Topics    3
  • ENG 346 American Literature, 1865-1940    3
  • ENG 350 Appalachian Literature    3
  • ENG 362 British Literature, 1798-1890    3
  • ENG 401 Literary Criticism    3
  • ENG 428 Contemporary Literature and Film    3

Category III

  • ENG 218 Introduction to Creative Writing    3
  • ENG 311 News Writing and Editing    3
  • ENG 312 Feature Writing and Production    3
  • ENG 318 Creative Writing    3
  • ENG 336 Linguistics    3
  • ENG 338 Rhetoric    3
  • ENG 433 Small-Group Communication or
  • HUM 333 Intercultural Conflict Mediation    3
  • ENG 461 Professional Writing    3

Total Hours Required in Major    36
(minor required)

Professional Communication Option

Ferrum College offers a special adaptation of its English major for students interested in professions requiring significant professional writing and editing (management, public relations, technical writing, law, publishing, etc.).  The program responds to the current demand for executives and professionals whose education emphasizes written and oral communication skills, creative thinking, and an understanding of human complexity.  A student seeking the Professional Communication option should meet all the requirements for a B.A. in English, with the added stipulation that three of the nine “free” hours should be in category III (for a total of 12 hours in category III).  In addition to these requirements, the student should take the following courses:

  • - COM 201 Public Speaking
  • -A 3-hour computer course at the 200-level or above (BUS 230, BUS 325, ART 201,CSC 230, or approved alternative)
  • -Two 3-hour accounting or business courses at the 300 or 400 level
  • -ENG 499, a six-hour internship
  • -An additional 3-hour course consistent with the student’s professional goals

Total hours (no minor required)    57

Early in the program of study, the student pursuing the Professional Communications option should file for approval of the School Dean of Arts and Humanities a plan listing the courses he or she plans to use to fulfill these requirements.

Teacher Certification

Ferrum College offers teaching licensure in English (grades 6-12) through the selection of a minor in Teacher Education with specialization in Secondary Education.  This licensure requires passing state mandated testing prior to enrollment in EDU 402 – Student Teaching.  Students pursuing licensure must complete all components of the Teacher Education Minor. (See page XX)

English majors interested in certification to teach English at the secondary level must minor in education and include the following among their major courses:

  • ENG 205 American Literature I or ENG 345 American Literature, 1815-1865
  • ENG 206 American Literature II or ENG 346 American Literature, 1865-1940
  • ENG 336 Linguistics
  • ENG 338 Rhetoric
  • ENG 365 Shakespeare
  • ENG 401 Literary Criticism
  • Students lacking proficiency in public speaking may be required to take COM 201 Public Speaking.  Highly recommended:
  • ENG 203 British Literature I or ENG 361 British Literature, 1660-1798
  • ENG 204 British Literature II or ENG 362 British Literature, 1798-1890

Journalism Add-on Endorsement

Students certified to teach English at the secondary level may earn an additional endorsement in journalism by taking the following courses in addition to the 36 hours required for the English major:

  • ENG 310 Media Issues    3
  • ENG 311 News Writing and Editing    3
  • ART 215 Digital Photography or 217 Black and White Photography     3
  • ENG 312 Feature Writing and Production or ART 201 Basic Computer Graphics    3
  • ENG 131, 132, 231 Journalism Practicum or COM 141 Radio Practicum (1 hr. each)    3

Total hours     15