Horticulture (HOR)

Horticulture (HOR)

180, 181, 280, 281, 380, 381, 480, 481 Practicum
Allows the student to gain firsthand experience and knowledge of procedures and practices common to the field by providing service to program, college, business, and/or the community.  Repeated for up to 8 credits, assuming a range of experiences.  Pass/Fail.
Forty-five service hours, one credit.

219 Introduction to Horticulture
(see AGR 219)
Six hours, four credits.

315 Soil Science and Management (also ESC 315)
(see AGR 315)
Six hours, four credits.

321 Plant Propagation (also AGR 321)
Explores plant propagation by seed, cottage, and graftage, covering scion/stock relationship, stock production for woody and herbaceous plants, and other practices employed in greenhouses and nurseries in increase of plants.  Also includes study of specialized propagation by cell and tissue culture.  Prerequisites: BIO 202.
Five hours, three credits.

390, 490 Special Topics in Agriculture
(see AGR 390, 490)
One to four credits.

410 Greenhouse Management (also AGR 410)
Studies construction, maintenance, and utilization of greenhouses, and includes the management of the internal and external environment of these structures.  Prerequisite: HOR 219.
Six hours, four credits.

411 Landscape Design and Management (also AGR 411)
Explains relationships of plants and other aspects of the landscape, particularly concerned with inhabited areas including dwellings, commercial and public institutions, athletic areas, etc., and considers plants in landscape design.  Also studies characteristics and utilization of turf and covers for lawns, athletic fields, golf courses, cemeteries, parks, highways, and airfields.  Prerequisite: HOR 219.
Six hours, four credits.

415 Plant Diseases
(see AGR 415)
Six hours, four credits.

418 Plant Pest Management
(see AGR 418)
Six hours, four credits.

419 Plant Physiology and Biotechnology
(see BIO 419)
Six hours, four credits.

495, 496 Independent Research
(see AGR 495, 496)
One to three credits.