Democracy, Justice, and Civic Engagement (DJC)

Democracy, Justice and Civic Engagement (DJC)

201 Understanding Democracy, Justice and Civic Engagement
Students will be introduced to core concepts and political and sociological theories of democracy, justice, and civic engagement.
Three hours, three credits.

202 Practicing Democracy, Justice and Civic Engagement
This interdisciplinary course will build on the theoretical and philosophical concepts and questions derived from DJC 201 with particular references to the local, national and international contexts of democracy, justice and civic engagement.  Some emphasis will also will be placed on the relationship between theory and experience through individualized and group-oriented projects. Prerequisite: DJC 201.
Three hours, three credits.

350 Synthesizing Democracy, Justice, and Civic Engagement
This course will serve a similar function as a capstone course for the major, even though it will occur during the junior year.  By this point, students will have spent their freshman, sophomore and junior years taking a wide variety of courses within the major.  This course gives students the ability to tie together these divergent themes and courses and locate the common elements of democracy, justice, and civic engagement. Prerequisites: DJC 201 and 202.
Three hours, three credits.

496 Individual or Collaborative Study
Working under the direction of individual faculty members, students conceptualize, design, and begin to implement action-oriented projects that they continue to develop throughout the remainder of their senior year. Faculty project directors are matched with students based on the subject matter and scope of projects. Students may elect to conduct research in issues relating to democracy, justice, and/or civic engagement using the skills grained through DJC 201, 202, and 350. They may choose to develop a project with an activist orientation, such as starting an interest group or promoting a campus, local, regional, or national cause, or spearheading a community improvement project. Prerequisites:  DJC 201, 202, 350.
Three hours, three credits.

498 Democracy, Justice and Civic Engagement Senior Seminar
Students will present the research projects that they previously developed twice over the course of the semester: once in a process of peer-review towards the beginning of the semester and a second, formalized presentation at the end of the semester.  In between these presentations, students will be conducting intensive, community-based research in preparation for their final presentation.  Students will also select readings and lead discussion with their classmates for the purposes of discussion and reflection towards the middle weeks of the semester.  Prerequisite:  DJC 496.
Three hours, three credits.