College Skills (CSK)

College Skills (CSK)

092 College Skills
Using Learning Plus computer software, this course helps students prepare for college-level work in math, reading, and/or writing.  In this computer-based learning of skills and strategies class, students must successfully complete two of the three sections (math, reading, writing).
One hour, credit not for graduation.

094 Reading Development
Students who enter Ferrum College with weak reading skills as determined by institutional testing, standardized testing, and high school records should develop basic competencies in a course specifically designed to address perceptual training, reading techniques, reading college texts, and vocabulary development.  In addition to ordinary class time, CSK 094 requires two hours of additional work outside of class for each hour spent in class.
Three hours, credit not for graduation.

100 Introduction to College Living and Learning (August Term)
Offers incoming freshmen an opportunity to adjust to living and learning in a college community.  Offered in the summer, this intensive, team-taught course focuses on study strategies, co-curricular/residential life, and basic competencies in composition and mathematics.
Three hours, two credits.

131 Mentoring Development
This course will provide students with the necessary skills to participate as mentors in GWS 101 and other campus mentoring programs.  Leadership, mentoring, and attending skills will be highlighted.  This course is taught during the second half of the spring semester twice a week, with one section in fall as necessary.
Two hours, one credit.

150 Introduction to Computer Usage
For students with limited microcomputer experience.  The course is designed to provide students with basic computer skills such as keyboarding and introductory word processing.  Students will also learn to use such peripheral devices as disk drives and printers, and will become familiar with computer terminology.  The course will combine lecture with the extensive use of hands-on exercises.
Five weeks, one credit.

151 Word Processing and Spreadsheets
For students with limited computer experience.  This course will introduce students to word processing and spreadsheet software.  The students will learn how to utilize a spreadsheet to organize and analyze data.  Graphical representation of the data will be integrated in the spreadsheet and the word processor.
Five weeks, one credit.

199 Introduction to Service Learning
Opportunity for service-learning experience in a public/human service organization or educational setting.  Through the interaction of experience, readings, and reflection, the student learns to apply knowledge and skills in the community, exercise critical thinking, develop self-learning and helping skills, develop societal knowledge and sensitivity, and enhance personal development.
Three hours, three credits.

200 Career Exploration
This course will assist students in the career decision-making process through the integration of self-knowledge and research in the world of work and professional school.  Course may be taken consecutively with CSK 201.
Seven weeks, one credit.

201 Career Planning
This course teaches students effective job-seeking skills such as resume building and preparation, job search strategies, and interview skills.
Seven weeks, one credit.

232, 332, 432 Mentoring Practicum for GWS 101
A leadership experience for students above the freshman level.  This course, which may be taken up to three times, requires participation as a mentor in the GWS 101 as well as out-of-class interaction with freshman students.  Prerequisites: CSK 131 and G.P.A. of 2.500 or better.
Two hours, one credit.