Job FairAn internship is a unique, on-the-job learning experience for students in a carefully supervised professional setting within a business, non-profit, or governmental organization.  Typically, this experience takes place over the period of a summer or one semester in the student’s junior or senior year. 

Many Ferrum majors offer or require an internship, normally worth three to nine semester hours of credit.   An internship for academic credit is designed to integrate classroom study and experiential learning directly related to the student’s academic curriculum and career intentions.  As such, it is a logical component of the College’s commitment of service to the larger community as well as to the student.

Students interested in pursuing an internship for academic credit must pay strict attention to the important criteria, guidelines, procedures and time frames stipulated in the Intership Handbook, available through I-Assistant, as well as the online approval process and paperwork which must be completed. 

Eligibility requirements for academic internships include

1.  Successful completion of specified semester hours and any prerequisite courses as determined by the academic program.  Most majors require very specific prerequisite courses to be completed prior to being considered for an internship.
2.  Achievement of a minimum grade point average of 2.0 on all course work attempted at Ferrum and a 2.0 on all course work in the major.  Some majors require a higher gpa.
3.  Completion of all procedures specified in the Internship Handbook by the student, Program Coordinator, School Dean, and Registrar’s Office.

The complete listing of all processes and requirements can be viewed in the Internship Handbook, which is available through I-Assistant.Career Services

Students can also pursue non-credit internships.  For assistance and processing a non-credit internship, students should contact the Career Services Office and make an appointment with a staff member.  The Career Services Office and website has information regarding various opportunities in the regional area, and additional website information for business, non-profit or governmental internships.  The staff can advise you about how to search for possibilities even in your home community or across the nation.  If you do engage in a non-academic internship, please go to the Career Services Office and log your internship site information with them so that they can track your participation and advise future interested students.



Internships are available in the following majors.  Please contact the faculty member listed for information


Prof. David Sulzen


Dr. George Byrd


Prof. Matthew LaRose

Business Administration      

Prof. Michele Naff

Computer Information Systems 

Dr. Samuel Olatunbosun

Criminal Justice   

Dr. William Osbourne


Dr. Katherine Grimes

Environmental Planning & Development   

Dr. Delia Heck

Environmental Science   

Dr. Glen Stevens

Health and Human Performance   

Dr. Shannon Hardwicke

Health Sciences   

Dr. Chris Aylesworth


Dr. Bob Pohlad

Political Science   

Dr. Edmond Hally

Pre-Professional Science   

Dr. Chris Aylesworth


Dr. Kevin Reilly

Recreation Leadership   

Dr. Jasmine Goodnow

Social Work*   

Prof. Jennie West

Teacher Education*   

Dr. Mary Ann Norman

Theatre Arts   

Prof. Wayne Bowman

* Placements for Social Work and Teacher Education (minor) are required during the last semester of study.

Internship Opportunities in the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Career Services Office