Learning Opportunities Program

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Carson Scott

My study habits changed a lot when I came to college. Having the study room and the weekly meetings and support system with my advisor has helped a lot. My family is also a great support system.  It was hard to balance my social life and my schoolwork, but it is worth it and the Learning Opportunities Program helped a ton.

Michael Beaman

Learning Opportunities is a great program because it helps you learn and keeps you accountable. They are your “accountability partners”, reminding you of what you need to do, but you must be responsible for actually doing your work!

Chart your course for success!

The Learning Opportunities Program is designed to help students succeed academically as they make the transition to college. The one-year program will help students “learn how to learn.”  Although the program is intended as a one-year program, students have the option of extending their participation into a second year with the approval of the program staff. The goal of the program is to increase students’ potential for academic success.

A key element of the program is a Professional Learning Consultant who works with students in the program. The Learning Consultant will:

  • Create individual learning goals for each student
  • Meet with each student at least once a week
  • Interact with the student’s advisor, coach, and instructors
  • Offer regular workshops for academic support

Who can benefit from the Learning Opportunities Program?

  • Students who would like extra support in order to get a strong start to their college career
  • Students who want to maximize their success in college so they can be prepared to enter graduate school, medical school, law school or other post-graduate professional schools
  • Students with learning differences who would like supplemental assistance to the services already offered by Ferrum College

Who is eligible for the program?

  • Newly admitted students to Ferrum College
  • Returning Ferrum College Sophomores

Benefits of the Learning Opportunities Program

  • Students will live in the same area of a residence hall with suite-style rooms located close to the office of the Learning Consultant. The living space will also have study and academic meeting space.
  • A Resident Assistant to provide support to students in the program will be located in that area of the residence hall.
  • An individualized academic plan will be designed to help students get the most from the various support programs on campus including specialized tutoring, math center and writing center services, advising and learning differences services.
  • Workshops on such topics as study skills and time management will be required.

Program Costs

The cost for the program is $500 per semester – students are normally expected to commit to the program for one year.

Applying to the Program

How to apply:

  1. Apply for admission to Ferrum College and be accepted (or successfully complete the freshman year at Ferrum). The $250 Ferrum College tuition deposit will be required before enrolling in the program.
  2. Visit the Ferrum College campus for a student and parent interview.
  3. Download your application! Complete the application, which includes a student and parent questionnaire.

Upon acceptance to the program, students may be asked to provide additional information which could be helpful to us in meeting the student’s needs such as:

  • High school testing information (e.g., achievement tests results, state end-of-term test results).
  • Learning style inventory results, if available.
  • Diagnostic test results, if available.
  • Recommendations from high school counselors and/or teachers.

For more information

If you have questions about the Learning Opportunities Program, you can contact:

Dr. Ronda Bryant
Director of Learning Opportunities Program
(540) 365-5058

Ms. Edwina Prunty
Associate Dean of Admissions
(540) 365-4289

Download Your Application (PDF)