Parent FAQ

What to bring & buy

What should my son/daughter bring from home?

Please see the list of what to bring & not bring to college.

Is there anything my son/daughter should not bring?

  • Do not bring ...
  • Firearms
  • Fireworks
  • Bow and arrows
  • Hunting Knives
  • Darts
  • Candles
  • Incense
  • Space heaters
  • Oven-coiled hot plats
  • Refrigerators over 5 cubic feet
  • Microwave ovens over 700 watts
  • Waterbeds
  • Air conditioners
  • George Foreman grills
  • Halogen lamps
  • Non-aquatic pets
  • More information about pets


Can my son/daughter bring a loft bed?

Freestanding wooden structures may be constructed to the Loft Construction Guidelines (pdf) and placed in student rooms after completing the Loft Application and approval has been granted by the Residence Hall Educator.

Should I buy extra long or regular twin sheets?

All the beds at Ferrum College use regular length twin sheets.

Can my son/daughter bring a pet

No student will be allowed to possess any type of pet with the exception of non-aggressive fish. The tank may not exceed 10 gallons and there cannot be more then 2 tanks per room. For the specific policy, please refer to the Student Handbook.

About the residence halls and rooms

What are the rooms like?

Rooms vary by hall. Please select a hall for more information:


What furniture is provided in my son's/daughter's room?

Furnishings included with rooms vary by hall. Please select a hall for more information:

What are the dimensions of my son's/daughter's room?

Dimensions of rooms vary by hall. Please select a hall for more information:


Does my son's/daughter's room have curtains or blinds?

All Residence Hall buildings have window blinds.

Are telephones provided?

Telephones are not provided. Telephone jacks are in every room,so students should bring a telephone from home to use Ferrum College's phone system and voice messaging service for free. Students may contact Telephone Services for long distance service.

Will my son/daughter have cable television and an Internet connection?

Cable Television is provided; one jack per room. Students must bring their own televisions to hook up to the jack. There is a port in each room for connection to the internet as well as wireless internet available. In-room computers are not provided. Internet service is provided by Ferrum College Computer Services.

Are laundry facilities provided?

Washers and dryers are provided in each Residence Hall at no additional cost to the students. Students do, however, need to bring laundry supplies and wash their own clothes.

What type of security exists in the residence halls?

All of the Residence Halls are locked in the evening and can only be entered with a key. Susannah Wesley (an all female Residence Hall) is locked 24 hours a day. The Ferrum College Police Department is on duty 24 hours a day and campus is equipped with emergency call boxes in the Residence Hall Areas. The best security begins with your student. Encourage them to follow the rules, not prop doors open, and lock their individual room doors and cars at all times.

Move-in process

When can my son/daughter move in?

The move in date varies each year. You should receive information by mail regarding your move-in time, plus you can check the Residence Life & Housing home page at the end of Summer for move in dates and times. New incoming students (freshmen and transfers) will move in during Gateway Weekend. Please contact your admission counselor for more information on Gateway Weekend.

Can my son/daughter see their room before the move in date?

In most cases, no. Residence hall rooms are not available to see before August. Many of our halls are used for either summer camps or conference groups during most of the summer months. After these groups leave, our housekeeping staff needs time to prepare the rooms for your arrival. Your admission counselor may show you a show room during a campus tour.

When will my son/daughter find out their room assignment and roommate?

New students will be notified of their room assignment and given the name of their roommate sometime in early August.

Does my son/daughter need a medical physical before coming to school?

Yes. Visit the Health Center site for a copy of the Student Health Report that is required by all incoming students.

Do I need property insurance for my son/daughter?

Ferrum College is not liable for loss, theft, or damage to any property belonging to students. It is the student's responsibility to see that personal possessions are insured, should you wish to have such coverage. In many cases, your parents’ homeowners’ insurance policy will cover your possessions while at Ferrum College. Remember, potential trouble can be avoided if you keep your residence hall room doors and automobiles locked.

How can my son/daughter change their room to a different room?

After the first two weeks of the semester, there is a four-day room change period. During this period, the student is responsible in having a plan to present to the Housing Coordinator stating their intentions about moving. For information that is more specific please see the Student Handbook.

Life in a Ferrum College residence hall

Where can my son/daughter study?

There are designated times each evening that official quiet hours are in effect. During non-designated times, there is still a 24-hour courtesy quiet hours. Aside from your room, you may also find the Stanley Library or the Academic Resources Center a great place to crack the books.

Where can my son/daughter park their car?

Parking is available for resident students in parking lots adjacent to each Residence Hall. You are given the privilege to operate a motor vehicle on campus after proper registration with the Ferrum College Police Department. The parking decal must be properly displayed on your vehicle. Please review the parking regulations are in the Student Handbook.

Where can I find more information about meal plans?

Please refer to the Food Services site for more information.

What is a Resident Assistant (RA)?

The role of the Resident Assistant is that of a liaison serving as a link between the Ferrum College administration and the students. The RA's primary function is to act as a role model offering peer assistance and directions to students. The RA is a member of the Student Affairs staff and is expected to subscribe to professional standards.

Does my son/daughter need to move out during breaks?

Residence hall facilities are not open for occupancy during Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break (between semesters) and Spring Break. In order to stay during Fall Break or Easter Break, students must register with the Residence Life office. Residents may leave their personal belongings (at their own risk) in the rooms during these breaks. For more information about breaks and dates, see the Calendars.

Residence hall rules & regulations

Can my son/daughter smoke in their room?

No. All residence halls are smoke-free.

Can my son/daughter hang pictures, posters, etc. on the walls?

Yes. We recommend sticky putty or poster tabs that are easily removed and will not leave a residue. Please leave the tacks and nails at home. Any damage to rooms will be billed to the student at the end of the semester.

Is my son/daughter required to live on campus?

Ferrum College does have a residency requirement. Students must live on campus unless they meet one or more of the following criteria with a Resident Requirement Waiver Application (pdf):

  • Student is living with parents or legal guardians, as verified by the parent or legal guardian
  • Student is married
  • Student is twenty-four years of age or older during the semester of application
  • Student is enrolled in 11 or less credit hours
  • Student has special needs that cannot be met by any of the housing options on campus

For more details, refer to the Student Handbook.

For more information ...

Where can my son/daughter find out more information or ask specific questions?

Please email any specific questions to cphillips@ferrum.edu or call the Residence Life & Housing office at 540-365-4461.