Board of Trustees

Bob Todd

Members of the Ferrum College Board of Trustees (BOT) are volunteers who are qualified to serve by virtue of their achievements, scholarship, business-related experience and/or United Methodist Church association. They are appointed to direct the policies and retain senior management personnel of the College.

As a group the BOT is liable for the financial and other consequences of the College's activities.

Pictured: Robert "Bob" W. Todd ’67, Chair of the Ferrum College Board of Trustees

Board Member Responsibilities

  • Know the mission and purpose of the organization− Serve four-year terms, making meeting attendance and participation a high priority

  • Set policies, approve the operating budget, and oversee its implementation

  • Participate in strategic planning and committee assignments

  • Ensure the legal and ethical integrity of the organization

  • Select, support and evaluate the performance of the president

  • Make an annual financial commitment to the College at a level consistent with ability to give, and provide fund raising contacts to outside funding sources

  • Monitor and strengthen the College’s programs and services

  • Enhance the public standing of Ferrum College by being an advocate and spokesperson

Board Members

Officers and Executive Committee

  • Mr. Robert "Bob" W. Todd ’67, Chair of the Board, Virginia
  • Mr. Harry G. Norris, First Vice Chair, Virginia
  • Mr. Glenn F. Thomsen, Second Vice Chair, Kentucky
  • Mrs. Lou C. Talbutt, Secretary & Chair, Academic Affairs Committee, Virginia
  • Mr. Samuel L. Lionberger, Jr., Immediate Past Board Chair, Virginia
  • Mrs. Phyllis Quinn Karavatakis '76, Chair, Audit Committee, Virginia
  • Mrs. Betty J. Forbes, Chair, Business Affairs Committee, Virginia
  • Mr. Harry G. Norris, Chair, Institutional Advancement Committee, Virginia
  • Mr. Baxter F. Phillips, Jr. '66, Chair, Investment Committee, Virginia
  • Mr. Don L. Wilson '68, Chair, Student Affairs Committee, Virginia
  • Dr. Marvin M. Phaup, Jr., Member-at-Large, Washington, DC
  • Mr. Kenneth Gassman '70, Member-at-Large, Virginia



  • Mrs. Suzanne M. Boltz, Virginia
  • Mr. W. Jeffrey “Jeff” Booker, North Carolina
  • Mr. W. Clay Campbell, Virginia
  • Mr. John Cougill ’69, Virginia
  • Dr. Elizabeth M. Hairfield, Virginia
  • Mr. Peter D. Hartman, Virginia
  • Rev. Dr. Janine W. Howard, Virginia
  • Rev. Elizabeth H. Lazenby, Virginia
  • Bishop Sharma D. Lewis, Virginia
  • Mrs. Annita Nelson, Virginia
  • Mr. Wilson T. Paine ’07, Virginia
  • Dr. D. Scott Showalter '73, North Carolina
  • Mrs. Irma Smart, Virginia
  • Mrs. Carolyn Smith, Virginia
  • Rev. Kathleen Overby Webster, Virginia
  • Mrs. Marilyn H. West, Virginia
  • Mr. Martin Williams '73, Virginia
  • Mrs. Joyce C. Winston, Virginia
  • Mr. George D. Yancey ’67, Virginia


Trustees Emeriti

  • Mr. William B. Bales, Virginia
  • Mr. Maury Carter '53, Florida
  • Mrs. Patricia O. Compton, Virginia
  • Mr. Robert A. Cox, Jr., Virginia
  • Mrs. Thelma B. Crowder, Virginia
  • Mr. C. Henry Jones, Virginia
  • Mr. Sid D. Mason, Virginia
  • Dr. M. Douglas Newman '42, Virginia
  • Mrs. Ida B. Powell, Virginia