Adopt-A-Hall Program

The Ferrum College Police Department and Ferrum College Campus Safety Office, in an attempt to foster positive relationships with students, has implemented the Adopt-A-Hall program.  The program partners officers and campus safety with residence halls in an attempt to increase communications and build trust between students and the Ferrum College Police and Campus Safety Departments.  Having regular contact with residence hall staff and students allow officers to relay concerns of the students to applicable police department divisions, conduct crime prevention programs, and create a proactive rather than reactive approach to policing.

Adopt-A-Hall Officers

Arthur Hall, Moore Hall, Hillcrest

Officer B.L. Mitchell

Village East/West, Roberts Hall, Rt. 602 Apartments

Officer M.D. Lawson

Bassett Hall

Officer J.R. Cypher

Riddick Hall and Susannah Wesley Hall

Officer R.T. King

Clark Hall and Chapman Hall

Officer S.A. Wells

Adopt-A-Hall Liasons

Chief E.M Legg, x4476

Sgt. J.R. Sydenstricker, x4255