Student Accounts Payment Schedule

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Student Accounts Payment Schedule 2016-2017 Academic Year

Confirmation Deposits

First Semester

New Students — New students are required to make a $250 confirmation deposit within thirty (30) days of acceptance, but no later than fall semester check in (refundable until May 1, 2016).

Returning Students — Returning students must indicate their intention of enrolling for the next academic year by remitting a confirmation deposit of $250 prior to March 15, 2016, (refundable until May 1, 2016).

Second Semester

New Students — New students are required to make a $250 confirmation deposit within thirty (30) days of acceptance, but no later than spring semester check in.

Note: Financial aid does not cover confirmation deposits.


Students are billed prior to the beginning of each semester. Student accounts, after adjustments for Financial Aid, are required to be paid in full prior to the student attending classes. (Exception: see Monthly Payment Plan below.)

Full-time Tuition (12-19 credit hours)




Tuition $15,900 $15,900
Room and Board (Avg rate*) $ 5,155 - $5,935 ---

*Varies per housing option and does not include apartment style accomodations.

Payment in full for the first semester is due by August 1, 2016.  Payment in full for the second semester is due by December 15, 2016.

Part-time Tuition

  • 1-6 Credit Hours: $635 per credit hour
  • 7-11 Credit Hours: $885 per credit hour


SPECIAL INSTRUCTION FEES (in addition to tuition*)

Car Registration (Day Student)


Independent Study (per credit hour)

$635 *

Replacement I.D. Card


Field Placement Fees

Graduation Fee


300 Level (6 credits or less)

300 Level (over 6 credit hours)

$120 *

$185 *

Late Check-In Fee            


Student Teaching Fees

$330 *

Student Activities Fee


Course Overload (per credit hour):

$635 *

Est. Book Cost (per semester)  


Private Music Lessons (one credit hour)
Private Music Lessons (2-3 credit hours)

$320 * 
$635 *

E-Term Cost – fees may apply. Part-time (1-6 credit) Tuition fee will be applied if taking more than the one E-Term required. Overload fees will be waived if caused by E-Term course.

Audit Fee (per credit hour)


Credit by Exam (per exam)


Internship (if enrolled in other classes) $160 *

Internship (if not enrolled in other classes)
     Minimum Fee
     OR Per Credit Hour Rate


Dual Enrollment - no charge first class each semester. Additional classes charged at part-time rate.

Lab Fees

$25 - $50

Art/Theater Fees $50 - $150
HHP Course Fee $10
Math Course Fee $30

Policy for Withdrawal

Also applies to moving off campus during the semester.

Students who withdraw will be charged for tuition, room and board, based on the following scale:

During the first week of the semester.................. 20%

During the second week of the semester ............ 40%

During the third week of the semester.................60%

During the fourth week of the semester...............80%


Suspension or Expulsion

During the first week of the semester..................  40%

During the second week of the semester.............  60%

During the third week of the semester................. 80%

During the fourth week of the semester.............100%

The above scales do not apply to fees. Fees are charged at 100%.
After four weeks of any semester, no adjustments to any charges will be given.

Remaining balances (after withdrawal adjustments) will be subjected to federal student refund calculations. The College’s complete refund policy is available from the Financial Aid office upon request. Title IV aid recipients will have their financial aid pro-rated if they withdraw within the first 60% of the semester. Withdrawing students who receive financial aid may have their aid adjusted to reimburse grant and loan programs.

Payment Options

Full payment or payment arrangements to cover the entire balance for the current academic year (tuition and fees less financial aid) is required before participating in any college program and attending any class.

Checks or Money Orders

The Student Accounts Office is open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. You may contact Student Accounts via e-mail at stdacctm@ferrum.edu or by phone at 800-868-9797, option 7. The College will receive checks or money orders at the address below:

Ferrum College
Attn: Accounting Dept.
P.O. Box 1000
Ferrum, VA 24088

Include your name and Ferrum College account number (ID number) on your payment.  

Payment Plan, Credit Cards, ACH Debit to Checking

If you would like to make a payment in full or in part via the phone or web, you may do so by a variety of methods through our payment partner, Tuition Management Systems.

Whether you can pay in full or need help, we highly recommend you consider paying your education expenses monthly by using the Interest-Free Monthly Payment Option offered by Tuition Management Systems.  The payment plan is available for a small enrollment fee and includes personal account service and counseling, automated account information 24 hours a day, access to your account through their web site.

Visit Tuition Management Systems web site www.afford.com for more information on payment options, free education payment counseling, and the many ways they can help you afford education. You can also call them toll free at 800-722-4867.