Michaela A. Gazdik Ph.D.

                                                                                     Faculty Profile

Michaela Gazdik Associate Professor of Molecular Biology
School of Natural Science and Mathematics

BS, Rutgers University
MS, State University of New York at Albany
PhD, State University of New York at Albany


Email: mgazdik@ferrum.edu
Office phone: (540) 365-4369
Office: Garber 226
Teaching at Ferrum since: 2007


Courses taught:

  • BIO 101 General Biology 1
  • BIO 230 Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology
  • BIO 303 Microbiology
  • BIO 305 Genetics
  • BIO 330 Cell Biology
  • BIO 405 Biotechnology
  • GWS 101 Freshman Seminar
  • NSM 307 Junior Seminar
  • NSM 497 Senior Seminar
  • SCI 128 Healthy Human Body
  • SCI 129 Diseased Human Body



    • Gazdik, MA and Powell, JD. 2012. Impacts of Student-Directed Research Programs
      at an Undergraduate Liberal Arts Institution. Council of Undergraduate Research Quarterly. 32(5): 22-27.

    • Gazdik, MA. 2010. Mystery of the Seven Deaths: A Case Study on Cellular Respiration. National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science, SUNY Buffalo http://sciencecases.lib.buffalo.edu/cs/collection/detail.asp?case_id=431&id=431

    • Gazdik MA, Bai G, Wu Y, McDonough KA. 2009. Rv1675c regulates intramacrophage and cAMP-induced gene expression in Mycobacterium tuberculosis-complex mycobacteria. Molecular Microbiology In Review

    • Bai G, Gazdik MA, Schaak DD, McDonough KA. 2007 The Mycobacterium bovis BCG cyclic AMP receptor-like protein is a functional DNA binding protein in vitro and in vivo, but its activity differs from that of its M. tuberculosis ortholog, Rv3676. Infect. Immun. 75(11):5509-17

  • Gazdik, MA. McDonough, KA. 2005 Identification of cyclic AMP-regulated genes in Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex bacteria under low-oxygen conditions. J Bacteriol 187(8):2681-92



  • Bacterial gene expression and pathogenesis
  • cAMP regulation in mycobacterial species
  • Inhibition of biofilm formation


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