Gary Angel

Gary L. Angel

Professor of Philosophy
School of Arts and Humanities

BA, University of Evansville
MA, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville
Ph.D., Purdue University
Email: gangel@ferrum.edu
Office phone: (540) 365-4343
Personal web page:www2.ferrum.edu/gangel
Office: Britt 211
Teaching at Ferrum since: 1980

Courses taught at Ferrum College:


      Introduction to Philosophy

      The Human Condition


      Survey of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy

      Survey of Modern Philosophy

      Christianity and Existentialism

      Science, Technology, and Society

      Philosophy of Law

      19th Century Continental Philosophy

      Phenomenology and Existentialism

      Philosophy of Religion

      Christian Theology

      Seminar: Heidegger's Being and Time

      Seminar: The Philosophy of Charles Hartshorne

      Seminar: Calvin Schrag and the Nature of Transcendence

      Seminar: Philosophy of Sex

      Seminar: Process Metaphysics

      Seminar: Sartre’s Being and Nothingness

      Seminar: Matters of Life and Death

      Seminar: Truth, Politics, and War

      Senior Seminar in Philosophy



       Zygotic Logic, a textbook in elementary logic, 2007, 2008, 2009


       Metaphysics, Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy, Philosophy of Sex

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