Bryan Faulkner

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Bryan Faulkner

Bryan Faulkner Assistant Professor of Mathematics
School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

BS, Western Carolina University
MS, Western Carolina University
PhD, Clemson University 

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Email: bfaulkner@ferrum.edu
Office phone: (540) 365-4584
Personal web page: None listed
Office: Garber 131
Teaching at Ferrum since: 2007

Courses taught:

  • MTH 100
  • MTH 206
  • MTH 208
  • MTH 211
  • MTH 212
  • MTH 106(e-term)


  • Bryan L. Faulkner, Kevin L. James, A Graphical Approach to Computing Selmer Groups of Congruent Number Curves., The Ramanujan Journal.


  • Past research includes Selmer groups and average Lang-Trotter results (over Abelian extensions).


  • Current projects include stochastic music and mathematics in fiber arts (particularly knitting).


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