Faculty Commons for Excellence in Teaching

Faculty Commons for Excellence in Teaching is a one-stop site to support the Ferrum faculty in their teaching excellence.  Faculty may find here resources to support them in their daily faculty responsibilities as well as those to expand their expertise through faculty development opportunities and grant options.

Assessment Resources

Ferrum  has a robust, faculty founded assessment program.  Every program undergoes annual assessment of Student Learning Outcomes, prepares a Student Learning Outcome Assessment Plan, aligns syllabi with a Curriculum Alignment Matrix, conducts course assessment through Closing the Loop each semester, and archives syllabi for each semester.  Education Support Programs such as the Office of Academic Accessibility, Boone Honors Program, the Academic Resource Center, and other programs also conduct annual assessment.  Ultimately, the Office of Academic Affairs conducts annual summative assessment and synthesizes results.  Links for all assessment resources can be found here and require a faculty ID and password.

Committee Connection 

Governance at Ferrum is a shared enterprise between faculty and administration.  Currently, proceedings from the Curriculum Committee and the Academic Standards Committee may be found here and require a faculty ID and password to access.

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Grant Options Form

Faculty Project Funding Form

Meeting Schedules

Faculty Development

Faculty at Ferrum have many opportunities to continue their professional growth.  Click each link below for specific information:

Professional Development Advisory Committee

Faculty at Ferrum have numerous opportunities to support their research and development of pedagogical expertise.  Faculty have the following opportunities:

Information concerning Faculty Professional Development Opportunities are located on pp. 61-69 of the Faculty Handbook.  The link to the online Faculty Handbook is located above on this page.

Faculty Development Initiatives

Technology Tools

Essential resources to develop current technological approaches for college-level teaching and learning



A collection of current readings and resources to support teaching and learning

Promotion and Tenure

Statement from the College Catalog

Guidelines for of the Tenure and/or Promotion process and Mid-Tenure Review Procedures and Guidelines are located in the Faculty Handbookpp. 84-97.  The link to the online Faculty Handbook may be found, above, on this page.