Thank You!

We tip our caps to YOU, and to more than 2,500 alumni, friends, faculty, and staff who raised $1.9 million for the Ferrum Fund and special projects during the 2014-15 fiscal year!

We are proud of YOU for your continued generosity and want to remind you that YOU are the guiding force behind a vibrant Ferrum College family.

We are grateful to YOU because your contributions give Ferrum students opportunities to achieve, chances to discover through global hands-on experiences, and a community of dedicated and talented faculty and staff.

Donate to Ferrum College

Call TODAY to make your gift via credit card:
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Send your check (payable to Ferrum College) to:
Ferrum College
Office of Development
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Ferrum, VA 24088

You can also contact us via fax: (540) 365-4203.