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At a Glance

Frequently Asked Questions

What year was the college founded?


How many buildings are located on campus?


How large is the Ferrum College campus?

700 acres.

What is the size of the Ferrum community?

About 5,000 people live in the Ferrum Community.

What is the closest large city?

Roanoke, VA, which is 45 minutes away.

What degrees are offered?

We offer four degrees:

  • B.S. (Bachelor of Science)
  • B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)
  • B.S.W. (Bachelor of Social Work)
  • B.F.A. (Bachelor of Fine Arts)

What is the total enrollment? Minority enrollment? International enrollment?

We currently have 1,200 students enrolled full time. Our student body is 40% minority and 2.8% international.

30 Majors, 41 minors

We offer 30 majors and 41 minors.

  • Males
  • Females

What is the male to female student ratio?

  • On-campus
  • Commuter

How many students live on campus versus commute?

Clubs & Organizations

We offer more than 60 clubs & organizations.

  • In-state
  • Out-of-State

Where do most students come from?

  • All Others
  • Business
  • Health Professional & Related Programs
  • Education
  • Criminal Justice

What are the most popular degree programs?

Varsity & Club Sports

We offer 22 varsity and club sports.

  • White, Non-Hispanic
  • Black or African American, Non-Hispanic
  • Other Minorities

How diverse is the student body?