Ferrum College Board of Trustees

Phyllis Karavatakis
Pictured: Phyllis Q. Karavatakis ’76, Chair of the Ferrum College Board of Trustees

Members of the Ferrum College Board of Trustees (BOT) are volunteers who are qualified to serve by virtue of their achievements, scholarship, business-related experience and/or United Methodist Church association. They are appointed to direct the policies and retain senior management personnel of the College.

As a group the BOT is liable for the financial and other consequences of the College’s activities.

Board Member Responsibilities

  • Know the mission and purpose of the organization− Serve four-year terms, making meeting attendance and participation a high priority
  • Set policies, approve the operating budget, and oversee its implementation
  • Participate in strategic planning and committee assignments
  • Ensure the legal and ethical integrity of the organization
  • Select, support and evaluate the performance of the president
  • Make an annual financial commitment to the College at a level consistent with ability to give, and provide fund raising contacts to outside funding sources
  • Monitor and strengthen the College’s programs and services
  • Enhance the public standing of Ferrum College by being an advocate and spokesperson

Board Members

Officers and Executive Committee

  • Mrs. Phyllis Q. Karavatakis ’76, Chair of the Board, Virginia
  • Mr. Harry G. Norris, First Vice Chair & Chair, Institutional Advancement Committee, Virginia
  • Mr. D. Scott Showalter ’73, Second Vice Chair, North Carolina
  • Dr. Lou C. Talbutt, Secretary & Chair, Academic Affairs Committee, Virginia
  • Mr. Robert W. (Bob) Todd ’67, Immediate Past Board Chair, Virginia
  • Mr. George D. Yancey ’67, Chair, Audit Committee, Virginia
  • Mrs. Betty J. Forbes, Chair, Business Affairs Committee, Virginia
  • Mr. Baxter F. Phillips, Jr. ’66, Chair, Investment Committee, Virginia
  • Mr. Don L. Wilson ’68, Chair, Student Affairs Committee, Virginia
  • Dr. Marvin M. Phaup, Jr., Member-at-Large, Washington, DC
  • Mr. Kenneth Gassman ’70, Member-at-Large, Virginia


  • Mrs. Suzanne Bell ’62, Virginia
  • Mrs. Suzanne M. Boltz, Virginia
  • Mr. W. Jeffrey “Jeff” Booker, North Carolina
  • Mr. W. Clay Campbell, Virginia
  • Mr. John Cougill ’69, Virginia
  • Rev. Dr. Janine W. Howard, Virginia
  • Rev. Elizabeth H. Lazenby, Virginia
  • Bishop Sharma D. Lewis, Virginia
  • Judson P. (Jud) Mason ’67, Virginia
  • Mrs. Annita Nelson, Virginia
  • Mrs. Mary Jane Rawley, Virginia
  • Mr. Ronald Singleton ’70, Virginia
  • Mrs. Irma Smart, Virginia
  • Mrs. Carolyn Smith, Virginia
  • Rev. Kathleen Overby Webster, Virginia
  • Mrs. Marilyn H. West, Virginia
  • Mr. Martin Williams ’73, Virginia

 Trustees Emeriti

  • Mr. William B. Bales, Virginia
  • Mr. Maury Carter ’53, Florida
  • Mrs. Patricia O. Compton, Virginia
  • Mr. Robert A. Cox, Jr., Virginia
  • Mrs. Thelma B. Crowder, Virginia
  • Mr. C. Henry Jones, Virginia
  • Mr. Sid D. Mason, Virginia
  • Dr. M. Douglas Newman ’42, Virginia
  • Mrs. Ida B. Powell, Virginia